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Invitam pe toti membrii APLR, doctoranzii, psihologii Sambata 28 Aprilie, ora 10 la Seminar APLR sala amfiteatru, sectia IX, Sp.Obregia cu urmatoarele teme : - Analiza Existentiala - prezinta psiholog Tina Bran, - Referat propriu- psiholog Iliuta Catalina, - filozofie, cultura - discutii si comentarii. Va asteptam in numar cat mai mare cu participare inter-activa si noi propuneri de teme si subiecte. Va multumim, Redactia


Editorial Aprilie 2012 - Profesor Dr. A. ROMILA

                                                                        CARTEA ROSIE a lui JUNG

Jung are o opera voluminoasa iar "cartea rosie" publicata postum a fost tinuta in secret din 1913. El nota in doua caiete ("negre") auto experimentul sau psihologic, care cuprindea visele sale si viziunile sale. Analiza trairilor onirice l-a dus la concluzia importanta ca pe linga planul realitatii (superficial si banal) exista un al doilea plan, spiritul profund, sau inconstientul colectiv, care se manifesta prin complexe (persona, animus-anima) si care poate prefigura viitorul. Punctul extrem al acestui plan profund ar putea fi chiar Dumnezeu. Iata diferenta fata de Freud. Mai important decit sexul, libidoul inconstientului personal este forta profunda a unificarii subiective si care da si diferentele culturale si caracteriale ale oamenilor, tarilor, epocilor. Consecinta este pentru psihoterapie. Omul ontogenetic repeta filogenia colectiva si se maturizeaza, proces numit de Jung "individuatie". Dealtfel si conceptia lui se chiama PSIHOLOGIE INDIVIDUALA.
Prin aceste descoperiri Jung este socotit unul din cei mai importanti ginditori ai secoluli XX, impreuna cu Freud, Heidegger, Sartre, Husserl etc.

                                                                                                                                          Prof. A. ROMILA

Zen Story - April

Daily Zen

On The Way          


                      Sitting Meditation


Foyan (1067-1120)




                            Sitting Meditation


The light of mind is reflected in emptiness;

Its substance is void of relative and absolute.

Golden waves all around,

Zen is constant, in action or stillness.


Thoughts arise, thoughts disappear;

Don’t try to shut them off.

Let them flow spontaneously—

What has ever arisen and vanished?


When arising and vanishing quiet down,

There appears the great Zen master;

Sitting, reclining, walking around,

There’s never an interruption.


When meditating, why not sit?

When sitting, why not meditate?

Only when you have understood this way

Is it called sitting meditation.


Who is it that sits?  What is meditation?

To try to seat it is using Buddha

To look for Buddha.

Buddha need not be sought;

Seeking takes you further away.


In sitting you do not look at yourself;

Meditation is not an external art.

At first, the mind is noisy and unruly;

There is still no choice but to shift it back.


That is why there are many methods

To teach it quiet observation.

When you sit up and gather your spirit,

At first it scatters helter-skelter;

Over a period of time, eventually it calms down,

Opening and freeing the six senses.


When the six senses rest a bit,

Discrimination occurs therein.

As soon as discrimination occurs,

It seems to produce arising and vanishing.

The transformations of arising and vanishing

Come from manifestations of one’s own mind.

Put your own mind to use to look back once:

Once you’ve returned, no need to do it again;

You wear a halo of light on your head.


The spiritual flames leap and shine,

Unobstructed in any state of mind,

All-inclusive, all-pervasive;

Birth and death forever cease.


A single grain of restorative elixir

Turns gold into liquid;

Acquired pollution of body and mind

Have no way to get through.


Confusion and enlightenment

Are temporarily explained;

Stop discussing opposition and accord.

When I think carefully of olden days

When I sat coolly seeking,

Though it’s nothing different,

It was quite a mess.


You can turn from ordinary mortal to sage

In an instant, but no one believes.

All over the earth is unclarity;

Best be very careful.


If it happens you do not know,

Then sit up straight and think;

One day you’ll bump into it.

This I humbly hope.



Seeing and Doing

Many are those who have seen but can do nothing about it.  Once you have seen, why can’t you do anything about it?  Just because of not discerning; that is why you are helpless.  If you see and discern, then you can do something about it.

Nevertheless, if you expect to understand as soon as you are inspired to study Zen, well, who wouldn’t like that?  It’s just that you have no way in, and you cannot force understanding.  Failing to mesh with it in every situation, missing the connection at every point, you cannot get it by exertion of force.


Whatever you are doing, twenty-four hours a day, in all your various activities, there is something that transcends the Buddhas and Zen masters; but as soon as you want to understand it, it’s not there.  As soon as you try to gather your attention on it, you have already turned away from it.  That is why I say you see but cannot do anything about it.


Does this mean that you will realize it if you do not aim the mind and do not develop intellectual understanding?   Far from it—you will fail even more seriously to realize it.  Even understanding does not get it, much less not understanding!


If you are spiritually sharp, you can open your eyes and see as soon as you hear me tell you about this.  Have not people of immeasurable greatness said this truth is not comprehensible by thought, and that it is where knowledge does not reach?  Were it not like this, how could it be called an enlightened truth?  Nowadays, however, people just present interpretations and views, making up rationalizations; they have never learned to be thus, and have never reached this state.


If people with potential for enlightenment are willing to see in this way, they must investigate most deeply and examine most closely;  all of a sudden they will gain mastery of it and have no further doubt.  The reason you do not understand is just because you are taken away by random thoughts twenty-four hours a day.  Since you want to learn business, you fall in love with things you see and fondly pursue things you read; over time, you get continuously involved.  How can you manage to work on enlightenment then? 


Whenever you seek Zen, furthermore, your mind ground must be even and straight, and your mind and speech must be in accord.  Since your mind and speech are straightforward, your states are thus consistent from start to finish, without any petty details. 


Do not say, “I understand!  I have attained mastery!”  If you have attained mastery, then why are you going around asking other people questions?   As soon as you say you understand Zen, people watch whatever you do and whatever you say, wondering why you said this or that.  If you claim to understand Zen, moreover, this is actually a contention of ignorance.  What about the saying that one should “silently shine, hiding one’s enlightenment?”  What about “concealing one’s name and covering one’s tracks?”  What about “the path is not different from the human mind?”


Each of you should individually reduce entanglements and not talk about judgments of right and wrong. All of your activities everywhere transcend Buddhas and Masters, the water buffalo at the foot of the mountain is imbued with Buddhism; but as soon as you try to search, it’s not there.  Why do you not discern this?


The Marrow of Sages


My livelihood is the marrow of all the sages; there is not a moment when I am not explaining it to you, but you are unwilling to take it up.  So it turns out, on the contrary, to be my deception. But look here—where is it that I am not explaining it to you?


Professional Zennists say I do not teach people to think; I do not teach people to understand; I do not teach people to discuss stories; I do not cite past and present examples.  They suppose we are idling away the time here, and think that if they had spent the time elsewhere they would have understood a few model case stories and heard some writings.  If you want to discuss stories, cite past and present, then please go somewhere else; here I have only one-flavor Zen, which I therefore call the marrow of all sages. 


Here you must understand each point clearly.  Have you not read how the teacher Changsha one day turned around and saw the icon of wisdom, whereupon he suddenly realized the ultimate and said, “Turning around I suddenly see the original body.  The original body is not a perception or a reality.”


Foyan (1067-1120)

Filozofia Discernamantului - Lectii 213+ Meloterapie I +II (curs upgrade) - Profesor Dr. Aurel ROMILA

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Medscape : Top stories

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* cafeaua si glaucomul

March 6, 2012 (New York, New York) — An analysis of the health records of more than 75,000 women has found a positive association between heavy coffee drinking and the development of exfoliation glaucoma (EG) or EG suspect, according to data presented here at the American Glaucoma Society 22nd Annual Meeting.



Un linguşitor îi atrase atenţia lui Oliver Cromwell, care intra biruitor în Londra, ce multă lume se strânsese să-l vadă.
"Tot atâţia ar fi fost şi dacă m-ar fi dus la eşafod", fu răspunsul.
Celebrul compozitor Hans von Bülow, plimbandu-se intr-o seara prin Berlin, ingandurat, s-a lovit de un trecator.
Acesta s-a oprit iritat si se rasti la muzician:
- Dobitoc!
Bülow isi scoase palaria si spuse:
- Incantat de cunostinta, numele meu este Bülow!

O echipa de zidari lucra la repararea parterului unei case cumparate de celebrul tenor Enrico Caruso (1873-1921). Intr-o zi, in timp ce cantaretul repeta cateva arii intr-o camera de la etajul I , se prezenta la el maistrul.
- Doriti sa terminam reparatiile luna asta?
- Bineinteles! - raspunde Caruso.
- Atunci, fiti amabil si nu mai cantati. Imediat ce va aud, oamenii mei lasa totul balta si stau sa va asculte...
A fost, povestita mai tarziu de Caruso, cel mai frumos compliment care i s-a facut vreodata. 

Marele scriitor irlandez George Bernard Shaw a fost invitat ca punct de atractie la masa unor aristocrati. Amfitrioana, cunoscuta pentru inteligenta sa cam subreda, facu imprudenta sa-l intrebe:
- Spuneti-mi, va rog: am auzit ca pestele regenereaza materia cenusie. Ce peste ma sfatuiti sa consum?
- Balena ! - raspunse prompt Shaw.
După ce a eşuat în campania militară din Rusia, în 1812, Napoleon se retrăgea grăbit spre vest.
În dreptul râului Niemen, el împreună cu suita sa se opriră şi cerură ajutorul unui ţăran barcagiu din împrejurimi să-i treacă pe celălalt mal.
Când ţăranul îi ajută să treacă râul, Napoleon se interesă:
- Mulţi dezertori au trecut râul zilele acestea?
Naiv, ţăranul i-a răspuns:
- Niciunul, dumneavoastră sunteţi primul.

Împăratului Octavian Augustus îi fu prezentat un grec care semăna uimitor cu el şi, în plus, avea şi cam aceeaşi vârstă.
Glumind, Augustus îl întrebă dacă nu cumva maică-sa fusese în tinereţea ei pe la Roma, cam prin vremea când şi tatăl împăratului era tânăr. Răspunsul grecului fu prompt: - Mama nu a fost, dar tatăl meu a stat la Roma mai de mult. Cam cu un an înainte de naşterea ta, Cezar!

N.T.Orăşanu, poet şi publicist, autor de epigrame şi pamflete politice, a fost trimis în timpul domniei lui Cuza de nenumărate ori la închisoarea Văcăreşti, fiindcă pe vremea aceea exista arestul preventiv pentru delicte de presă. De câte ori Orăşanu scria câte un articol violent sau atingător la Vodă, îşi trimitea imediat salteaua, plapuma şi pernele la Văcăreşti. Directorul penitenciarului nu voia să le primească, însă Orăşanu îi răspundea:
- Nu-ţi fie teamă, o să primeşti şi ordinul peste câteva ceasuri. Fapt ce se adeverea întotdeauna.

Un amic al lui Caragiale i s-a plâns acestuia într-o zi:- Auzi, nene Iancule, neruşinatul ăla de Georgescu, nepricopsitul, coate-goale ăla, a îndrăznit să mă facă tâmpit şi idiot.
- Când, stimabile? l-a întrebat Caragiale cu un aer scandalizat.
- Acum o oră.
- Ce măgar! a exclamat Caragiale.
Apoi, luându-l gura pe dinainte: - Totdeauna a fost în întârziere neisprăvitul ăsta!

În anul 1906 trebuia să se formeze un nou guvern francez. Cel desemnat cu formarea lui, Ferdinand Sarrien, a invitat acasă câţiva oameni politici pentru consultări, printre care şi pe Georges Clemenceau. În timpul discuţiilor s-a servit un bufet rece. Văzând că dintre oaspeţi numai Clemenceau nu mananca nimic, gazda l-a întrebat: - Dumneata ce doreşti, domnule Clemenceau?
- Internele, a răspuns acesta.
A doua zi, Clemenceau a depus jurământul ca ministru de interne!

Ziarisul şi prozatorul Anton Bacalbaşa a fost invitat într-o seară la o petrecere. Printre ceilalţi invitaţi se afla şi un general în retragere. Acesta tocmai citise volumul de schiţe satirice în care scriitorul demasca tarele vieţii cazone. Fără să ştie că scriitorul se afla chiar în faţa sa, generalul indignat ameninţa că îl va chema pe autor în faţa justiţei pentru injurii aduse corpului ofiţeresc, la care Bacalbaşa a intervenit:
- Lăsaţi-l, domnule general. Cine ştie ce amărât o fi şi scriitorul ăsta. Nu vedeţi? Până şi numele îl are ca vai de capul lui, ba cal, ba şa!
Anton Bacalbasa a scris o epigrama referitoare la Victor Babes:
Ba bei,
Ba beşi,
Tot acolo ieşi.
La care Babeş a raspuns :
Ba cal, ba şa,
Tot măgar sadea.
În ajunul morţii înţeleptului Socrate, un prieten se duce la închisoare să-l viziteze şi dădu acolo peste un profesor de muzică, care îl învăţa pe filozof un cântec la liră.


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