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J O C  Psihologic

Două noțiuni dau o a treia!

Psihic + Realitate = Conștiința, Experiența prezentului

Realitatea + Senzație = Emoție

Emoție pozitivă + Interes = Plăcere

Atenție + Emoție pozitivă = Concentrare

Atenție + Emoție negativă = Greșeală

Atenție + Senzație = Percepție

Percepție + Emoție pozitivă = Memorie

Percepție + Emoție negativă = Refulare

Atenție + Memorie = Idee, Cuvânt, Reprezentare

Idee + Emoție pozitivă = Idee forță, Dominantă

Idee +  Emoție negativă = Obsesie

Percepție + Idee = Adevăr

Percepție + Idee falsă = Interpretare delirantă

Emoție negativă + Percepție iluzorie = Idee falsă, Delir

Emoție controlată + Gândire emoțională + Voință + Scop = Plan de acțiune

Acțiune + Voință + Inteligență = Succes

Acțiune + Voință + Prostie = Ratare

Emoție pozitivă + Voință + Inteligență + Caracter = Discernamânt

Continuați jocul , reflectați și mai vorbim!

Prof. Dr. Aurel ROMILA

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Access top-read articles from Social Psychological and Personality Science, free for a limited time!**
The Illusion of Moral Superiority by Ben M. Tappin and Ryan T. McKay
Questionable Research Practices Revisited by Klaus Fiedler and Norbert Schwarz
Valuing Time Over Money Is Associated With Greater Happiness by Ashley V. Whillans, Aaron C. Weidman, and Elizabeth W. Dunn
Embodying Power: A Preregistered Replication and Extension of the Power Pose Effect by Katie E. Garrison, David Tang, and Brandon J. Schmeichel
The Interrelations Between Social Class, Personal Relative Deprivation, and Prosociality by Mitchell J. Callan, Hyunji Kim, Ana I. Gheorghiu, and William J. Matthews
Do Bad Guys Get Ahead or Fall Behind? Relationships of the Dark Triad of Personality With Objective and Subjective Career Success by Daniel Spurk, Anita C. Keller, and Andreas Hirschi
Some Evidence for a Gender Gap in Personality and Social Psychology by Adam J. Brown and Jin X. Goh
Putting the "You" in "Thank You": Examining Other-Praising Behavior as the Active Relational Ingredient in Expressed Gratitude by Sara B. Algoe, Laura E. Kurtz, and Nicole M. Hilaire
Reappraising Stress Arousal Improves Performance and Reduces Evaluation Anxiety in Classroom Exam Situations by Jeremy P. Jamieson, Brett J. Peters, Emily J. Greenwood, and Aaron J. Altose
People Who Choose Time Over Money Are Happier by Hal E. Hershfield, Cassie Mogilner, and Uri Barnea
SPPS is a unique short reports journal in social and personality psychology. Its aim is to publish concise reports of empirical studies that provide meaningful contributions to our understanding of important issues in social and personality psychology. SPPS strives to publish innovative, rigorous, and impactful research. It is geared toward a speedy review and publication process to allow groundbreaking research to become part of the scientific conversation quickly.
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Consciousness and Cognition: Alert 15 April-22 April

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Alert: Consciousness and Cognition
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Volume 61, Pages 1-148, May 2018 Consciousness and Cognition
Volume 61, Pages 1-148, May 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
  Regular Articles
Daytime microsleeps during 7 days of sleep restriction followed by 13 days of sleep recovery in healthy young adults    Original Research Article
Pages 1-12
Clément Bougard, Danielle Gomez-Merino, Arnaud Rabat, Pierrick Arnal, Pascal Van Beers, Mathias Guillard, Damien Léger, Fabien Sauvet, Mounir Chennaoui
Role of implicit learning abilities in metaphor understanding    Original Research Article
Pages 13-23
Luc Drouillet, Nicolas Stefaniak, Christelle Declercq, Alexandre Obert
Boredom: Under-aroused and restless    Original Research Article
Pages 24-37
James Danckert, Tina Hammerschmidt, Jeremy Marty-Dugas, Daniel Smilek
Differentiating aversive conditioning in bistable perception: Avoidance of a percept vs. salience of a stimulus    Original Research Article
Pages 38-48
Gregor Wilbertz, Philipp Sterzer
Cue discriminability predicts instrumental conditioning    Original Research Article
Pages 49-60
Thomas P. Reber, Bita Samimizad, Florian Mormann
Audio-visual sensory deprivation degrades visuo-tactile peri-personal space    Original Research Article
Pages 61-75
Jean-Paul Noel, Hyeong-Dong Park, Isabella Pasqualini, Herve Lissek, Mark Wallace, Olaf Blanke, Andrea Serino
The prevalence and cognitive profile of sequence-space synaesthesia    Original Research Article
Pages 79-93
Jamie Ward, Alberta Ipser, Eva Phanvanova, Paris Brown, Iris Bunte, Julia Simner
Conceptual distortions of hand structure are robust to changes in stimulus information    Original Research Article
Pages 107-116
Klaudia B. Ambroziak, Luigi Tamè, Matthew R. Longo
The effect of encoding duration on implicit and explicit eyewitness memory    Original Research Article
Pages 117-128
Rolando N. Carol, Nadja Schreiber Compo
Possible origins of consciousness in simple control over "involuntary" neuroimmunological action    Review Article
Pages 76-78
Kevin B. Clark
Music-colour synaesthesia: Concept, context and qualia    Review Article
Pages 94-106
Caroline Curwen
Hierarchical Bayesian models of delusion    Review Article
Pages 129-147
Daniel Williams

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Computers in Human Behavior: Alert 12 April-19 April

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Alert: Computers in Human Behavior
New articles available on ScienceDirect
Volume 84, Pages 1-492, July 2018 Computers in Human Behavior
Volume 84, Pages 1-492, July 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
  Regular Articles
Association between online and offline social support and internet addiction in a representative sample of senior high school students in Taiwan: The mediating role of self-esteem    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Min-Pei Lin, Jo Yung-Wei Wu, Jianing You, Kuei-Mien Chang, Wei-Hsuan Hu, Sian Xu

Graphical abstract

Internet-specific parental self-efficacy: Developmental differences and links to Internet-specific mediation    Original Research Article
Pages 8-17
Terese Glatz, Elizabeth Crowe, Christy M. Buchanan
The influence of peer accountability on attention during gameplay    Original Research Article
Pages 18-28
Yaqian Zhang, Wooi Boon Goh
Fake it 'til you make it: Examining faking ability on social media pages    Original Research Article
Pages 29-35
Amber N. Schroeder, Jacqulyn M. Cavanaugh
An investigation on teaching performances of model-based flipping classroom for physics supported by modern teaching technologies    Original Research Article
Pages 36-48
Jingying Wang, Min Jou, Yaozhong Lv, Chun-Chiang Huang
Not necessarily detrimental: Two social comparison orientations and their associations with social media use and college social adjustment    Original Research Article
Pages 49-57
Chia-chen Yang, Angela Robinson
Social motivations of live-streaming viewer engagement on Twitch    Original Research Article
Pages 58-67
Zorah Hilvert-Bruce, James T. Neill, Max Sjöblom, Juho Hamari
A brief measure of social media self-control failure    Original Research Article
Pages 68-75
Jie Du, Guido M. van Koningsbruggen, Peter Kerkhof

Graphical abstract

Second screening for news: Effects of presentation on information processing and program liking    Original Research Article
Pages 76-85
Gabi Schaap, Mariska Kleemans, Anna Van Cauwenberge
Trajectories of Problematic Internet Use among adolescents over time since Wenchuan earthquake    Original Research Article
Pages 86-92
Xiao Zhou, Rui Zhen, Xinchun Wu
Understanding consumer engagement with celebrity-endorsed E-Cigarette advertising on instagram    Original Research Article
Pages 93-102
Joe Phua, Jhih-Syuan (Elaine) Lin, Dong Jae Lim
A computational approach for examining the roots and spreading patterns of fake news: Evolution tree analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 103-113
S. Mo Jang, Tieming Geng, Jo-Yun Queenie Li, Ruofan Xia, Chin-Tser Huang, Hwalbin Kim, Jijun Tang
Healthcare consumers' opt-in intentions to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs): An empirical study    Original Research Article
Pages 114-129
Pouyan Esmaeilzadeh
Quantitative modeling of user performance in multitasking environments    Original Research Article
Pages 130-140
Shijing Liu, Chang S. Nam, Edward P. Fitts
Investigating the role of identification for social networking Facebook brand pages    Original Research Article
Pages 141-152
Bastian Popp, Bradley Wilson
They liked and shared: Effects of social media virality metrics on perceptions of message influence and behavioral intentions    Original Research Article
Pages 153-161
Ji Won Kim
Using an educational video vs. in-person education to measure patient perceptions of an online self-management support system for chronic illness    Original Research Article
Pages 162-170
Reza Aria, Norm Archer
Consumer behavior in switching between membership cards and mobile applications: The case of Starbucks    Original Research Article
Pages 171-184
Chia-Ying Li
The dark side of ubiquitous connectivity in smartphone-based SNS: An integrated model from information perspective    Original Research Article
Pages 185-193
Wei Gao, Zhaopeng Liu, Qingqing Guo, Xue Li
Stereotypes or golden rules? Exploring likable voice traits of social robots as active aging companions for tech-savvy baby boomers in Taiwan    Original Research Article
Pages 194-210
Rebecca Cherng-Shiow Chang, Hsi-Peng Lu, Peishan Yang
#Smiling, #venting, or both? Adolescents' social sharing of emotions on social media    Original Research Article
Pages 211-219
Anne Vermeulen, Heidi Vandebosch, Wannes Heirman
Satisfaction and frustration of basic psychological needs in the real world and in video games predict internet gaming disorder scores and well-being    Original Research Article
Pages 220-229
Johnie J. Allen, Craig A. Anderson
The moderating role of helper's high in anchoring process: An empirical investigation in the context of charity website design    Original Research Article
Pages 230-244
Dong-Heon (Austin) Kwak, K. (Ram) Ramamurthy, Derek Nazareth, Saerom Lee
Age-based differences in preferences and affective reactions towards a robot's personality during interaction    Original Research Article
Pages 245-257
Juan Martínez-Miranda, Humberto Pérez-Espinosa, Ismael Espinosa-Curiel, Himer Avila-George, Josefína Rodríguez-Jacobo
Does Pokémon Go lead to a more physically active life style?    Original Research Article
Pages 258-263
Alessandro Gabbiadini, Christina Sagioglou, Tobias Greitemeyer
Avoidant attachment and smartphone addiction in college students: The mediating effects of anxiety and self-esteem    Original Research Article
Pages 264-271
Eunhyang Kim, Eunyoung Koh
Tailoring management response to negative reviews: The effectiveness of accommodative versus defensive responses    Original Research Article
Pages 272-284
Chunyu Li, Geng Cui, Ling Peng
Five reasons for using social media among young terror survivors: Results from the Utøya study    Original Research Article
Pages 285-294
Lisa Govasli Nilsen, Gertrud Sofie Hafstad, Elisabeth Staksrud, Grete Dyb
The attentive and the careless: Examining the relationship between benevolent and malevolent personality traits with careless responding in online surveys    Original Research Article
Pages 295-303
Alexander S. McKay, Donna M. Garcia, John P. Clapper, Kenneth S. Shultz
Ready to be a Silver Surfer? A Meta-analysis on the Relationship Between Chronological Age and Technology Acceptance    Original Research Article
Pages 304-319
Nathalie Hauk, Joachim Hüffmeier, Stefan Krumm
Internet addiction and procrastination among Chinese young adults: A moderated mediation model    Original Research Article
Pages 320-333
Jingyu Geng, Lei Han, Fengqiang Gao, Min Jou, Chun-Chiang Huang
Dispositional and experimentally primed attachment security reduced cyber aggression after cyber ostracism    Original Research Article
Pages 334-341
Jia Liu, Yongquan Huo, Yuanyuan Chen, Peipei Song
Risk assessment in e-commerce: How sellers' photos, reputation scores, and the stake of a transaction influence buyers' purchase behavior and information processing    Original Research Article
Pages 342-351
Yue (Nancy) Dai, Gregory Viken, Eunsin Joo, Gary Bente
Web page visual hierarchy: Examining Faraday's guidelines for entry points    Original Research Article
Pages 352-359
Jeremiah D. Still
Predictors and outcomes of nurses' use of smartphones for work purposes    Original Research Article
Pages 360-374
John Robert Bautista, Sonny Rosenthal, Trisha T.C. Lin, Yin Leng Theng
Finding the weakest links in the weakest link: How well do undergraduate students make cybersecurity judgment?    Original Research Article
Pages 375-382
Zheng Yan, Thomas Robertson, River Yan, Sung Yong Park, Samantha Bordoff, Quan Chen, Ethan Sprissler
Psychological need satisfaction and well-being in first-person shooter clans: Investigating underlying factors    Original Research Article
Pages 383-391
Felix Reer, Nicole C. Krämer
Examining the determinants and outcomes of mobile app engagement - A longitudinal perspective    Original Research Article
Pages 392-403
Graeme McLean
An examination of gender differences versus similarities in a virtual world    Original Research Article
Pages 404-409
Amanda L. Martens, Cathy A. Grover, Donald A. Saucier, Breanna A. Morrison
The effects of perceived online justice on relational bonds and engagement intention: Evidence from an online game community    Original Research Article
Pages 410-419
Minseong Kim, Jihye Kim
My friend likes this brand: Do ads with social context attract more attention on social networking sites?    Original Research Article
Pages 420-429
Kasey Windels, Jun Heo, Yongick Jeong, Lance Porter, A-Reum Jung, Rui Wang
Cross-cultural study of Problematic Internet Use in nine European countries    Original Research Article
Pages 430-440
Stéphanie Laconi, Katarzyna Kaliszewska-Czeremska, Augusto Gnisci, Ida Sergi, Antonia Barke, Franziska Jeromin, Jarosław Groth, Manuel Gamez-Guadix, Neslihan Keser Ozcan, Zsolt Demetrovics, Orsolya Király, Konstantinos Siomos, George Floros, Daria J. Kuss
Information privacy in online social networks: Uses and gratification perspective    Original Research Article
Pages 441-459
Alireza Heravi, Sameera Mubarak, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
Internet addiction: Associated with lower health-related quality of life among college students in Taiwan, and in what aspects?    Original Research Article
Pages 460-466
Kae-Chyang Chern, Jiun-Hau Huang
Behaviour change strategies for internet, pornography and gaming addiction: A taxonomy and content analysis of professional and consumer websites    Original Research Article
Pages 467-476
Simone N. Rodda, Natalia Booth, Michael Vacaru, Brenna Knaebe, David C. Hodgins
Distress tolerance and mindfulness mediate relations between depression and anxiety sensitivity with problematic smartphone use    Original Research Article
Pages 477-484
Jon D. Elhai, Jason C. Levine, Kelsey D. O'Brien, Cherie Armour
It just takes a text: Partner text messages can reduce cardiovascular responses to stress in females    Original Research Article
Pages 485-492
Emily D. Hooker, Belinda Campos, Sarah D. Pressman

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