Cognition: Alert 09 February-16 February

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Volume 171, Pages 1-224, February 2018 Cognition
Volume 171, Pages 1-224, February 2018

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Page ii
  Regular Articles
Decreased reward value of biological motion among individuals with autistic traits    Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
Elin H. Williams, Emily S. Cross
From altered synaptic plasticity to atypical learning: A computational model of Down syndrome    Original Research Article
Pages 15-24
Ángel Eugenio Tovar, Gert Westermann, Alvaro Torres
Compound risk judgment in tasks with both idiosyncratic and systematic risk: The "Robust Beauty" of additive probability integration    Original Research Article
Pages 25-41
Joakim Sundh, Peter Juslin
The early social significance of shared ritual actions    Original Research Article
Pages 42-51
Zoe Liberman, Katherine D. Kinzler, Amanda L. Woodward
Expected but omitted stimuli affect crossmodal interaction    Original Research Article
Pages 52-64
Marcello Costantini, Daniele Migliorati, Brunella Donno, Miroslav Sirota, Francesca Ferri
Full interpretation of minimal images    Original Research Article
Pages 65-84
Guy Ben-Yosef, Liav Assif, Shimon Ullman
Social attention directs working memory maintenance    Original Research Article
Pages 85-94
Qi-Yang Nie, Xiaowei Ding, Jianyong Chen, Markus Conci
Infants' sensitivity to vowel harmony and its role in segmenting speech    Original Research Article
Pages 95-107
Toben H. Mintz, Rachel L. Walker, Ashlee Welday, Celeste Kidd
On-line confidence monitoring during decision making    Original Research Article
Pages 112-121
Dror Dotan, Florent Meyniel, Stanislas Dehaene
Mental files theory of mind: When do children consider agents acquainted with different object identities?    Original Research Article
Pages 122-129
Michael Huemer, Josef Perner, Brian Leahy
Pre-linguistic segmentation of speech into syllable-like units    Original Research Article
Pages 130-150
Okko Räsänen, Gabriel Doyle, Michael C. Frank
When having two names facilitates lexical selection: Similar results in the picture-word task from translation distractors in bilinguals and synonym distractors in monolinguals    Original Research Article
Pages 151-171
Alexandra S. Dylman, Christopher Barry
Verbal labels facilitate tactile perception    Original Research Article
Pages 172-179
Tally McCormick Miller, Timo Torsten Schmidt, Felix Blankenburg, Friedemann Pulvermüller
Moral imagination: Facilitating prosocial decision-making through scene imagery and theory of mind    Original Research Article
Pages 180-193
Brendan Gaesser, Kerri Keeler, Liane Young
Social biases modulate the loss of redundant forms in the cultural evolution of language    Original Research Article
Pages 194-201
Gareth Roberts, Maryia Fedzechkina
Iconicity affects children's comprehension of complex sentences: The role of semantics, clause order, input and individual differences    Original Research Article
Pages 202-224
Laura E. de Ruiter, Anna L. Theakston, Silke Brandt, Elena V.M. Lieven
  Brief Articles
Sensorimotor training alters action understanding   
Pages 10-14
Caroline Catmur, Emma L. Thompson, Orianna Bairaktari, Frida Lind, Geoffrey Bird
What is in a name?: The development of cross-cultural differences in referential intuitions   
Pages 108-111
Jincai Li, Longgen Liu, Elizabeth Chalmers, Jesse Snedeker
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Consciousness and Cognition: Alert 30 January-06 February

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Volume 58, Pages 1-192, February 2018 Consciousness and Cognition
Volume 58, Pages 1-192, February 2018

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Page ii
  Regular Articles
Replication and extension of long-term implicit memory: Perceptual priming but conceptual cessation    Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
David B. Mitchell, Corwin L. Kelly, Alan S. Brown
Slow and steady, not fast and furious: Slow temporal modulation strengthens continuous flash suppression    Original Research Article
Pages 10-19
Shui'er Han, Randolph Blake, David Alais
Is an off-task mind a freely-moving mind? Examining the relationship between different dimensions of thought    Original Research Article
Pages 20-33
Caitlin Mills, Quentin Raffaelli, Zachary C. Irving, Dylan Stan, Kalina Christoff
The part-whole perception of emotion    Original Research Article
Pages 34-43
Trip Glazer
Daydreams incorporate recent waking life concerns but do not show delayed ('dream-lag') incorporations    Original Research Article
Pages 51-59
Elaine van Rijn, Alexander M. Reid, Christopher L. Edwards, Josie E. Malinowski, Perrine M. Ruby, Jean-Baptiste Eichenlaub, Mark T. Blagrove
Highly relevant stimuli may passively elicit processes associated with consciousness during the sleep onset period    Original Research Article
Pages 60-74
Paniz Tavakoli, Sonia Varma, Kenneth Campbell

Graphical abstract

Target meta-awareness is a necessary condition for physiological responses to masked emotional faces: Evidence from combined skin conductance and heart rate assessment    Original Research Article
Pages 75-89
Myron Tsikandilakis, Peter Chapman, Jonathan Peirce
Subjective, behavioral, and physiological responses to the rubber hand illusion do not vary with age in the adult phase    Original Research Article
Pages 90-96
Priscila Palomo, Adrián Borrego, Ausiàs Cebolla, Roberto Llorens, Marcelo Demarzo, Rosa M. Baños
Susceptibility to unconscious influences is unaffected by a challenging inhibitory task or mental exhaustion    Original Research Article
Pages 111-123
Angela Gurney, Anna-Nepheli L. Lagos, Abigail Manning, Ryan B. Scott
Autobiographical memory sources of threats in dreams    Original Research Article
Pages 124-135
Alexandre Lafrenière, Monique Lortie-Lussier, Allyson Dale, Raphaëlle Robidoux, Joseph De Koninck
Can false memory for critical lures occur without conscious awareness of list words?    Original Research Article
Pages 136-157
Daniel D. Sadler, Sharon M. Sodmont, Lucas A. Keefer
Emotional prediction: An ALE meta-analysis and MACM analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 158-169
Guangming Ran, Xiaojun Cao, Xu Chen
The wandering self: Tracking distracting self-generated thought in a cognitively demanding context    Original Research Article
Pages 170-185
Stefan Huijser, Marieke K. van Vugt, Niels A. Taatgen
"As long as that is my hand, that willed action is mine": Timing of agency triggered by body ownership    Original Research Article
Pages 186-192
Dalila Burin, Maria Pyasik, Irene Ronga, Marco Cavallo, Adriana Salatino, Lorenzo Pia
Anosognosia, denial of illness and the right hemisphere dominance for emotions: Some historical and clinical notes    Review Article
Pages 44-50
Guido Gainotti
The neuropsychophysiology of tingling    Review Article
Pages 97-110
Benedek T. Tihanyi, Eszter Ferentzi, Florian Beissner, Ferenc Köteles

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Addictive Behaviors: Alert 30 January-06 February

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Volume 78, Pages 1-230, March 2018 Addictive Behaviors
Volume 78, Pages 1-230, March 2018

Editorial Board   
Page ii
The role of distress tolerance in the relationship between cognitive schemas and alcohol problems among college students    Original Research Article
Pages 1-8
Raluca M. Simons, Rebecca E. Sistad, Jeffrey S. Simons, Jamie Hansen
Decreased pain tolerance before surgery and increased postoperative narcotic requirements in abstinent tobacco smokers    Original Research Article
Pages 9-14
Ling Shen, Kai Wei, Qianbo Chen, Haibo Qiu, Yong Tao, Qiang Yao, Jinchao Song, Chengjian Li, Liang Zhao, Yantao Liu, Zhijie Lu
A detailed examination of the longitudinal associations between individual and team sports and alcohol use    Original Research Article
Pages 15-21
Anne-Sophie Denault, François Poulin
An examination of heavy drinking, depressed mood, drinking related constructs, and consequences among high-risk college students using a person-centered approach    Original Research Article
Pages 22-29
Irene M. Geisner, Kimberly Mallett, Lindsey Varvil-Weld, Sarah Ackerman, Bradley M. Trager, Rob Turrisi
An ecological momentary intervention for smoking cessation: The associations of just-in-time, tailored messages with lapse risk factors    Original Research Article
Pages 30-35
Emily T. Hébert, Elise M. Stevens, Summer G. Frank, Darla E. Kendzor, David W. Wetter, Michael J. Zvolensky, Julia D. Buckner, Michael S. Businelle
Prospective prediction of arrests for driving under the influence from relationship patterns with family and friends in adolescence    Original Research Article
Pages 36-42
William E. Pelham, Thomas J. Dishion
Trends in self-efficacy to quit and smoking urges among homeless smokers participating in a smoking cessation RCT    Original Research Article
Pages 43-50
Erika Ashley Pinsker, Deborah Jane Hennrikus, Darin J. Erickson, Kathleen Thiede Call, Jean Lois Forster, Kolawole Stephen Okuyemi
Social media e-cigarette exposure and e-cigarette expectancies and use among young adults    Original Research Article
Pages 51-58
Pallav Pokhrel, Pebbles Fagan, Thaddeus A. Herzog, Linnea Laestadius, Wayne Buente, Crissy T. Kawamoto, Hye-Ryeon Lee, Jennifer B. Unger
Tobacco and alcohol use disorders: Evaluating multimorbidity    Original Research Article
Pages 59-66
R. Ross MacLean, Mehmet Sofuoglu, Robert Rosenheck
Development and initial testing of the brief adolescent smoking curiosity scale (ASCOS)    Original Research Article
Pages 67-73
Georges E. Khalil, Karen S. Calabro, Alexander V. Prokhorov
E-cigarette marketing exposure and combustible tobacco use among adolescents in the United States    Original Research Article
Pages 74-79
Rehab Auf, Mary Jo Trepka, Moaz Selim, Ziyad Ben Taleb, Mario De La Rosa, Miguel Ángel Cano
Polysubstance use profiles among electronic dance music party attendees in New York City and their relation to use of new psychoactive substances    Original Research Article
Pages 85-93
Fermín Fernández-Calderón, Charles M. Cleland, Joseph J. Palamar
The impact of a brief cessation induction intervention for waterpipe tobacco smoking: A pilot randomized clinical trial    Original Research Article
Pages 94-100
Eleanor L.S. Leavens, Ellen Meier, Alayna P. Tackett, Mary Beth Miller, Noor N. Tahirkheli, Emma I. Brett, Dana M. Carroll, Leslie M. Driskill, Michael P. Anderson, Theodore L. Wagener
Industry interests in gambling research: Lessons learned from other forms of hazardous consumption    Original Research Article
Pages 101-106
S. Cowlishaw, S.L. Thomas
The association between adolescent cannabis use and anxiety: A parallel process analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 107-113
Jacqueline Duperrouzel, Samuel W. Hawes, Catalina Lopez-Quintero, Ileana Pacheco-Colón, Jonathan Comer, Raul Gonzalez
Examining characteristics associated with quitting smoking during pregnancy and relapse postpartum    Original Research Article
Pages 114-119
Farnaaz Kia, Nicole Tosun, Samantha Carlson, Sharon Allen
Social discomfort moderates the relationship between drinking in response to negative affect and solitary drinking in underage drinkers    Original Research Article
Pages 124-130
Carillon Skrzynski, Kasey G. Creswell, Rachel L. Bachrach, Tammy Chung
Who is watching user-generated alcohol posts on social media?    Original Research Article
Pages 131-137
Eilin K. Erevik, Ståle Pallesen, Cecilie S. Andreassen, Øystein Vedaa, Torbjørn Torsheim
Characteristics of prospectively identified negative alcohol-related events among college students    Original Research Article
Pages 138-144
Matthew K. Meisel, Shannon R. Kenney, Nancy P. Barnett
Trends and key correlates of prescription opioid injection misuse in the United States    Original Research Article
Pages 145-152
Christopher M. Jones
Testing competing models of injunctive and descriptive norms for proximal and distal reference groups on alcohol attitudes and behavior    Original Research Article
Pages 153-159
Andrew Lac, Candice D. Donaldson
Thinking while drinking: Fear of negative evaluation predicts drinking behaviors of students with social anxiety    Original Research Article
Pages 160-165
Margo C. Villarosa-Hurlocker, Robert B. Whitley, Daniel W. Capron, Michael B. Madson
Depression symptoms and reasons for gambling sequentially mediate the associations between insecure attachment styles and problem gambling    Original Research Article
Pages 166-172
Matthew T. Keough, Trinda L. Penniston, Natalie Vilhena-Churchill, R. Michael Bagby, Lena C. Quilty
Parachuting psychoactive substances: Pharmacokinetic clues for harm reduction    Original Research Article
Pages 173-177
Amélie Daveluy, Hélène Géniaux, Marie Baumevieille, Louis Létinier, Marie-Noëlle Matta, Aurélie Lazès-Charmetant, Françoise Haramburu, Pascale Guéroult
Understanding sexual assault risk perception in college: Associations among sexual assault history, drinking to cope, and alcohol use    Original Research Article
Pages 178-186
Elizabeth C. Neilson, Elizabeth R. Bird, Isha W. Metzger, William H. George, Jeanette Norris, Amanda K. Gilmore
Patterns of adverse childhood experiences and substance use among young adults: A latent class analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 187-192
Sunny H. Shin, Shelby Elaine McDonald, David Conley
Young adult e-cigarette use outcome expectancies: Validity of a revised scale and a short scale    Original Research Article
Pages 193-199
Pallav Pokhrel, Tony H. Lam, Ian Pagano, Crissy T. Kawamoto, Thaddeus A. Herzog
The effects of alcohol hangover on future drinking behavior and the development of alcohol problems    Original Research Article
Pages 209-215
Kelly E. Courtney, Matthew Worley, Norma Castro, Susan F. Tapert
Negative affectivity as a mechanism underlying perceived distress tolerance and cannabis use problems, barriers to cessation, and self-efficacy for quitting among urban cannabis users    Original Research Article
Pages 216-222
Kara Manning, Daniel J. Paulus, Julianna B.D. Hogan, Julia D. Buckner, Samantha G. Farris, Michael J. Zvolensky
The Cigarette Dependence Scale and Heaviness of Smoking Index as predictors of smoking cessation after 10 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy and at 6-month follow-up    Original Research Article
Pages 223-227
Laurie Zawertailo, Sabrina Voci, Peter Selby
Prevalence and motives for drugged driving among emerging adults presenting to an emergency department   
Pages 80-84
Erin E. Bonar, Brooke J. Arterberry, Alan K. Davis, Rebecca M. Cunningham, Frederic C. Blow, R. Lorraine Collins, Maureen A. Walton
Exposure to tobacco websites: Associations with cigarette and e-cigarette use and susceptibility among adolescents   
Pages 120-123
Jennifer B. Unger, Lauren Bartsch
Butt Why? Exploring factors associated with cigarette scavenging behaviors among adult smokers enrolling in a clinical trial for smoking cessation   
Pages 200-204
Ryan Lantini, Marie A. Sillice, Joseph L. Fava, Ernestine Jennings, Rochelle K. Rosen, Santina M. Horowitz, Bruce M. Becker, Beth C. Bock
A randomized, controlled pilot study of warm handoff versus fax referral for hospital-initiated smoking cessation among people living with HIV/AIDS   
Pages 205-208
Laura M. Mussulman, Babalola Faseru, Sharon Fitzgerald, Niaman Nazir, Vivek Patel, Kimber P. Richter
The intersection between response inhibition and substance use among adolescents   
Pages 228-230
Kristine Rømer Thomsen, Tine Blom Osterland, Morten Hesse, Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing

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