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Volume 173, Pages 1-138, April 2018 Cognition
Volume 173, Pages 1-138, April 2018

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  Regular Articles
Small numbers are sensed directly, high numbers constructed from size and density    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Eckart Zimmermann
Using a foreign language reduces mental imagery    Original Research Article
Pages 8-15
Sayuri Hayakawa, Boaz Keysar
Sensory predictions during action support perception of imitative reactions across suprasecond delays    Original Research Article
Pages 21-27
Daniel Yon, Clare Press
Deconstructing the human algorithms for exploration    Original Research Article
Pages 34-42
Samuel J. Gershman
Cognitive science in the era of artificial intelligence: A roadmap for reverse-engineering the infant language-learner    Original Research Article
Pages 43-59
Emmanuel Dupoux
Children exhibit different performance patterns in explicit and implicit theory of mind tasks    Original Research Article
Pages 60-74
Nese Oktay-Gür, Alexandra Schulz, Hannes Rakoczy
Integrating multisensory information across external and motor-based frames of reference    Original Research Article
Pages 75-86
Yuqi Liu, Jared Medina
Voulez-vous jouer avec moi? Twelve-month-olds understand that foreign languages can communicate    Original Research Article
Pages 87-92
Athena Vouloumanos
Do enhanced states exist? Boosting cognitive capacities through an action video-game    Original Research Article
Pages 93-105
Maria Kozhevnikov, Yahui Li, Sabrina Wong, Takashi Obana, Ido Amihai
Visually-naïve chicks prefer agents that move as if constrained by a bilateral body-plan    Original Research Article
Pages 106-114
O. Rosa-Salva, M. Hernik, A. Broseghini, G. Vallortigara
Inhibition accumulates over time at multiple processing levels in bilingual language control    Original Research Article
Pages 115-132
Daniel Kleinman, Tamar H. Gollan
  Brief Articles
Toddlers' comprehension of adult and child talkers: Adult targets versus vocal tract similarity   
Pages 16-20
Angela Cooper, Natalie Fecher, Elizabeth K. Johnson
Unsupervised learning of complex associations in an animal model   
Pages 28-33
Leyre Castro, Edward A. Wasserman, Marisol Lauffer
Driven to distraction: A lack of change gives rise to mind wandering   
Pages 133-137
Myrthe Faber, Gabriel A. Radvansky, Sidney K. D'Mello
Corrigendum to "Implicit moral evaluations: A multinomial modeling approach" [Cognition 158 (2017) 224–241]   
Page 138
C. Daryl Cameron, B. Keith Payne, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Julian A. Scheffer, Michael Inzlicht

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