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Volume 25, Issue 1, Pages 1-184, February 2018 Cognitive and Behavioral Practice
Volume 25, Issue 1, Pages 1-184, February 2018

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  Regular Articles
Updating the Textbook: A Novel Approach to Training Graduate Students in Evidence-Based Youth Practices    Original Research Article
Pages 1-6
Ziv Bell, Ilana Seager, Tiffany Shader, Mary A. Fristad
Adapting Parent–Child Interaction Therapy for Deaf Families That Communicate via American Sign Language: A Formal Adaptation Approach    Original Research Article
Pages 7-21
Lori A. Day, Elizabeth Adams Costa, Danielle Previ, Colleen Caverly
A Brief Alcohol Intervention During Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization for Suicidal Adolescents    Original Research Article
Pages 22-31
Kimberly H. McManama O'Brien, Laika D. Aguinaldo, Erina White, Christina M. Sellers, Anthony Spirito
Stopping the Nonadherence Cycle: The Clinical and Theoretical Basis for Dialectical Behavior Therapy Adapted for Adolescents With Chronic Medical Illness (DBT-CMI)    Original Research Article
Pages 32-43
Becky H. Lois, Alec L. Miller
Development and Preliminary Feasibility Study of a Brief Behavioral Activation Mobile Application (Behavioral Apptivation) to Be Used in Conjunction With Ongoing Therapy    Original Research Article
Pages 44-56
Jennifer Dahne, Jacob Kustanowitz, C.W. Lejuez
Activating Veterans Toward Sources of Reward: A Pilot Report on Development, Feasibility, and Clinical Outcomes of a 12-Week Behavioral Activation Group Treatment    Original Research Article
Pages 57-69
Rachel Hershenberg, Rachel Vickers Smith, Jason T. Goodson, Michael E. Thase
Use of Internet Resources to Support Prolonged Exposure for Combat-Related PTSD    Original Research Article
Pages 70-74
Peter D. Yeomans
Self-Acceptance Group Therapy: A Transdiagnostic, Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Shame    Original Research Article
Pages 75-86
Michelle Schoenleber, Kim L. Gratz
Delivering Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Weight Self-Stigma Through Guided Self-Help: Results From an Open Pilot Trial    Original Research Article
Pages 87-104
Michael E. Levin, Sarah Potts, Jack Haeger, Jason Lillis
A Novel Integrated Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Medication Adherence Among Persons Living With HIV/AIDS    Original Research Article
Pages 105-118
Charles P. Brandt, Daniel J. Paulus, Monica Garza, Chad Lemaire, Peter J. Norton, Michael J. Zvolensky
A Couple-Based Psychological Treatment for Chronic Pain and Relationship Distress    Original Research Article
Pages 119-134
Annmarie Cano, Angelia M. Corley, Shannon M. Clark, Sarah C. Martinez
Implementing Group CBT for Depression Among Latinos in a Primary Care Clinic    Original Research Article
Pages 135-144
Adrian Aguilera, Emma Bruehlman-Senecal, Nancy Liu, Julia Bravin
Interoceptive Exposure: An Overlooked Modality in the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of OCD    Original Research Article
Pages 145-155
Shannon M. Blakey, Jonathan S. Abramowitz
Intensive Outpatient Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics: A Clinical Replication Series    Original Research Article
Pages 156-167
Tabatha H. Blount, Jeslina J. Raj, Alan L. Peterson
A Single-Subject Evaluation of the Treatment of Morphing Fear    Original Research Article
Pages 168-181
Eva Zysk, Roz Shafran, Tim I. Williams
  Reviewer Acknowledgment
Acknowledgment to 2017 Reviewers   
Pages 182-183

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