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Volume 171, Pages 1-224, February 2018 Cognition
Volume 171, Pages 1-224, February 2018

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  Regular Articles
Decreased reward value of biological motion among individuals with autistic traits    Original Research Article
Pages 1-9
Elin H. Williams, Emily S. Cross
From altered synaptic plasticity to atypical learning: A computational model of Down syndrome    Original Research Article
Pages 15-24
Ángel Eugenio Tovar, Gert Westermann, Alvaro Torres
Compound risk judgment in tasks with both idiosyncratic and systematic risk: The "Robust Beauty" of additive probability integration    Original Research Article
Pages 25-41
Joakim Sundh, Peter Juslin
The early social significance of shared ritual actions    Original Research Article
Pages 42-51
Zoe Liberman, Katherine D. Kinzler, Amanda L. Woodward
Expected but omitted stimuli affect crossmodal interaction    Original Research Article
Pages 52-64
Marcello Costantini, Daniele Migliorati, Brunella Donno, Miroslav Sirota, Francesca Ferri
Full interpretation of minimal images    Original Research Article
Pages 65-84
Guy Ben-Yosef, Liav Assif, Shimon Ullman
Social attention directs working memory maintenance    Original Research Article
Pages 85-94
Qi-Yang Nie, Xiaowei Ding, Jianyong Chen, Markus Conci
Infants' sensitivity to vowel harmony and its role in segmenting speech    Original Research Article
Pages 95-107
Toben H. Mintz, Rachel L. Walker, Ashlee Welday, Celeste Kidd
On-line confidence monitoring during decision making    Original Research Article
Pages 112-121
Dror Dotan, Florent Meyniel, Stanislas Dehaene
Mental files theory of mind: When do children consider agents acquainted with different object identities?    Original Research Article
Pages 122-129
Michael Huemer, Josef Perner, Brian Leahy
Pre-linguistic segmentation of speech into syllable-like units    Original Research Article
Pages 130-150
Okko Räsänen, Gabriel Doyle, Michael C. Frank
When having two names facilitates lexical selection: Similar results in the picture-word task from translation distractors in bilinguals and synonym distractors in monolinguals    Original Research Article
Pages 151-171
Alexandra S. Dylman, Christopher Barry
Verbal labels facilitate tactile perception    Original Research Article
Pages 172-179
Tally McCormick Miller, Timo Torsten Schmidt, Felix Blankenburg, Friedemann Pulvermüller
Moral imagination: Facilitating prosocial decision-making through scene imagery and theory of mind    Original Research Article
Pages 180-193
Brendan Gaesser, Kerri Keeler, Liane Young
Social biases modulate the loss of redundant forms in the cultural evolution of language    Original Research Article
Pages 194-201
Gareth Roberts, Maryia Fedzechkina
Iconicity affects children's comprehension of complex sentences: The role of semantics, clause order, input and individual differences    Original Research Article
Pages 202-224
Laura E. de Ruiter, Anna L. Theakston, Silke Brandt, Elena V.M. Lieven
  Brief Articles
Sensorimotor training alters action understanding   
Pages 10-14
Caroline Catmur, Emma L. Thompson, Orianna Bairaktari, Frida Lind, Geoffrey Bird
What is in a name?: The development of cross-cultural differences in referential intuitions   
Pages 108-111
Jincai Li, Longgen Liu, Elizabeth Chalmers, Jesse Snedeker
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