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Computers in Human Behavior: Alert 16 March-23 March

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Volume 71, Pages 1-596, June 2017 Computers in Human Behavior
Volume 71, Pages 1-596, June 2017

Editorial Board / Publication information   
Page IFC
Why do people buy virtual goods: A meta-analysis    Review Article
Pages 59-69
Juho Hamari, Lauri Keronen
Pathological personality traits assessment using Facebook: Systematic review and meta-analyses    Review Article
Pages 307-317
Lucas de Francisco Carvalho, Giselle Pianowski

Graphical abstract

  Regular Articles
Lying or longing for likes? Narcissism, peer belonging, loneliness and normative versus deceptive like-seeking on Instagram in emerging adulthood    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Tara M. Dumas, Matthew Maxwell-Smith, Jordan P. Davis, Paul A. Giulietti
Internet gaming disorder: Social phobia and identifying with your virtual self    Original Research Article
Pages 11-15
Sasha R. Sioni, Mary H. Burleson, Debra A. Bekerian
Educational Robotics intervention on Executive Functions in preschool children: A pilot study    Original Research Article
Pages 16-23
Maria Chiara Di Lieto, Emanuela Inguaggiato, Emanuela Castro, Francesca Cecchi, Giovanni Cioni, Marta Dell'Omo, Cecilia Laschi, Chiara Pecini, Giacomo Santerini, Giuseppina Sgandurra, Paolo Dario
Passive Facebook use, Facebook addiction, and associations with escapism: An experimental vignette study    Original Research Article
Pages 24-31
Nicola L. Young, Daria J. Kuss, Mark D. Griffiths, Christina J. Howard
Experiencing motivational conflict on social media in a crisis situation: The case of the Chick-fil-A same-sex marriage controversy    Original Research Article
Pages 32-41
Kyongseok Kim, Jooyoung Kim, Leonard N. Reid
A quantitative method for evaluating the complexity of implementing and performing game features in physically-interactive gamified applications    Original Research Article
Pages 42-58
Christian E. Lopez, Conrad S. Tucker
Online trolling: The case of Madeleine McCann    Original Research Article
Pages 70-78
John Synnott, Andria Coulias, Maria Ioannou
Instructor presence in instructional video: Effects on visual attention, recall, and perceived learning    Original Research Article
Pages 79-89
Jiahui Wang, Pavlo D. Antonenko
Tracing female gamer identity. An empirical study into gender and stereotype threat perceptions    Original Research Article
Pages 90-98
Lotte Vermeulen, Sofie Van Bauwel, Jan Van Looy
When do consumers buy the company? Perceptions of interactivity in company-consumer interactions on social networking sites    Original Research Article
Pages 99-109
Megan A. Vendemia
Self-endorsing in digital advertisements: Using virtual selves to persuade physical selves    Original Research Article
Pages 110-121
Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, Joe Phua, Yan Shan
The impact of recommendations and warnings on the quality evaluation of health websites: An online experiment    Original Research Article
Pages 122-129
Nicola Diviani, Corine S. Meppelink
Emotional support during times of stress: Can text messaging compete with in-person interactions?    Original Research Article
Pages 130-139
Susan Holtzman, Drew DeClerck, Kara Turcotte, Diana Lisi, Michael Woodworth
Insecure attachments: Attachment, emotional regulation, sexting and condomless sex among women in relationships    Original Research Article
Pages 140-147
Leora Trub, Tyrel J. Starks
Is gambling involvement a confounding variable for the relationship between Internet gambling and gambling problem severity?    Original Research Article
Pages 148-152
Stéphanie Baggio, Marc Dupuis, André Berchtold, Stanislas Spilka, Olivier Simon, Joseph Studer
Modelling and testing consumer trust dimensions in e-commerce    Original Research Article
Pages 153-164
Tiago Oliveira, Matilde Alhinho, Paulo Rita, Gurpreet Dhillon
Emotional intelligence and communication levels in information technology professionals    Original Research Article
Pages 165-171
Michalina Hendon, Loreen Powell, Hayden Wimmer
Survey method matters: Online/offline questionnaires and face-to-face or telephone interviews differ    Original Research Article
Pages 172-180
XiaoChi Zhang, Lars Kuchinke, Marcella L. Woud, Julia Velten, Jürgen Margraf
Nasty online comments anger you more than me, but nice ones make me as happy as you    Original Research Article
Pages 181-188
Gina Masullo Chen, Yee Man Margaret Ng
Parental mediation, cyberbullying, and cybertrolling: The role of gender    Original Research Article
Pages 189-195
Michelle F. Wright
Understanding factors influencing information communication technology adoption behavior: The moderators of information literacy and digital skills    Original Research Article
Pages 196-208
Tai-Kuei Yu, Mei-Lan Lin, Ying-Kai Liao
Explaining the adoption of social networks sites for sharing user-generated content: A revision of the UTAUT2    Original Research Article
Pages 209-217
Ángel Herrero, Héctor San Martín, María del Mar Garcia-De los Salmones
Is game-based learning better in flow experience and various types of cognitive load than non-game-based learning? Perspective from multimedia and media richness    Original Research Article
Pages 218-227
Chi-Cheng Chang, Chaoyun Liang, Pao-Nan Chou, Guan-You Lin
Mobile attachment: Separation from the mobile phone induces physiological and behavioural stress and attentional bias to separation-related stimuli    Original Research Article
Pages 228-239
Veronika Konok, Ákos Pogány, Ádám Miklósi
Static and interactive infographics in daily tasks: A value-in-use and quality of interaction user study    Original Research Article
Pages 240-257
Angela Locoro, Federico Cabitza, Rossana Actis-Grosso, Carlo Batini
How real and model visuals affect the test performance of elementary students    Original Research Article
Pages 258-265
Mehmet Fırat

Graphical abstract

A latent class analysis on adolescents media use and associations with health related quality of life    Original Research Article
Pages 266-274
Milena Foerster, Martin Röösli
Self-disclosure and liking in computer-mediated communication    Original Research Article
Pages 275-283
Nicole Kashian, Jeong-woo Jang, Soo Yun Shin, Yue Dai, Joseph B. Walther
The role of online social network chatting for alcohol use in adolescence: Testing three peer-related pathways in a Swedish population-based sample    Original Research Article
Pages 284-290
Peter Larm, Cecilia Åslund, Kent W. Nilsson
Intrusion of software robots into journalism: The public's and journalists' perceptions of news written by algorithms and human journalists    Original Research Article
Pages 291-298
Jaemin Jung, Haeyeop Song, Youngju Kim, Hyunsuk Im, Sewook Oh
Qualitative approach to determine user experience of e-government services    Original Research Article
Pages 299-306
Rajiv Kumar, Amit Sachan, Arindam Mukherjee
Internet use and civic engagement: A structural equation approach    Original Research Article
Pages 318-326
Simon J. Purdy
Supporting collaborative design activity in a multi-user digital design ecology    Original Research Article
Pages 327-342
Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Peter Goodyear, Lucila Carvalho, Kate Thompson, Davinia Hernandez-Leo, Yannis Dimitriadis, Luis P. Prieto, Dewa Wardak
Forecasting managerial turnover through e-mail based social network analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 343-352
Peter A. Gloor, Andrea Fronzetti Colladon, Francesca Grippa, Gianni Giacomelli
Moving toward a theory: Testing an integrated model of cyberbullying perpetration, aggression, social skills, and Internet self-efficacy    Original Research Article
Pages 353-361
Matthew W. Savage, Robert S. Tokunaga
The influence of empathy and self-presentation on engagement with social networking website posts    Original Research Article
Pages 362-377
Richelle Mayshak, Stefanie J. Sharman, Lucy Zinkiewicz, Alexa Hayley
Why do faculty members use or not use social networking sites for education?    Original Research Article
Pages 378-385
Gökçe Akçayır
Texting's consequences for romantic relationships: A cross-lagged analysis highlights its risks    Original Research Article
Pages 386-394
Daniel Halpern, James E. Katz
Parent ICT use, social capital, and parenting efficacy    Original Research Article
Pages 395-401
Juyoung Jang, Heather Hessel, Jodi Dworkin
Social presence in relation to students' satisfaction and learning in the online environment: A meta-analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 402-417
Jennifer C. Richardson, Yukiko Maeda, Jing Lv, Secil Caskurlu
The impact of self-regulatory states and traits on Facebook use: Priming materialism and social comparisons    Original Research Article
Pages 418-427
Phillip Ozimek, Jens Förster
Playing with power: Power poses affect enjoyment, presence, controller responsiveness, and arousal when playing natural motion-controlled video games    Original Research Article
Pages 428-435
Jorge Peña, Meng Chen
Playing to beat the blues: Linguistic agency and message causality effects on use of mental health games application    Original Research Article
Pages 436-443
Subuhi Khan, Jorge Peña
Examining cyberbullying across the lifespan    Original Research Article
Pages 444-449
Christopher P. Barlett, Kristina Chamberlin
  Special Section on Gamification: Gameful Design, Research, and Applications with Guest Editors Lennart Nacke and Sebastian Deterding
The maturing of gamification research   
Pages 450-454
Lennart E. Nacke, Sebastian Deterding
Designing interactive systems through a game lens: An ethnographic approach    Original Research Article
Pages 455-468
Amon Rapp
Do badges increase user activity? A field experiment on the effects of gamification    Original Research Article
Pages 469-478
Juho Hamari
FroggyBobby: An exergame to support children with motor problems practicing motor coordination exercises during therapeutic interventions    Original Research Article
Pages 479-498
Karina Caro, Mónica Tentori, Ana I. Martinez-Garcia, Ivan Zavala-Ibarra
Enhancing instructional outcomes with gamification: An empirical test of the Technology-Enhanced Training Effectiveness Model    Original Research Article
Pages 499-507
Richard N. Landers, Michael B. Armstrong
Gamification of task performance with leaderboards: A goal setting experiment    Original Research Article
Pages 508-515
Richard N. Landers, Kristina N. Bauer, Rachel C. Callan
The need to achieve: Players' perceptions and uses of extrinsic meta-game reward systems for video game consoles    Original Research Article
Pages 516-524
Carlos Cruz, Michael D. Hanus, Jesse Fox
Towards understanding the effects of individual gamification elements on intrinsic motivation and performance    Original Research Article
Pages 525-534
Elisa D. Mekler, Florian Brühlmann, Alexandre N. Tuch, Klaus Opwis
An inclusive design approach for developing video games for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder    Original Research Article
Pages 535-549
Laura Malinverni, Joan Mora-Guiard, Vanesa Padillo, Lilia Valero, Amaia Hervás, Narcis Pares
Studying student differentiation in gamified education: A long-term study    Original Research Article
Pages 550-585
Gabriel Barata, Sandra Gama, Joaquim Jorge, Daniel Gonçalves
Driven to drive? Investigating the effect of gamification on learner driver behavior, perceived motivation and user experience    Original Research Article
Pages 586-595
Zachary Fitz-Walter, Daniel Johnson, Peta Wyeth, Dian Tjondronegoro, Bridie Scott-Parker

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