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Alert: Addictive Behaviors
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Volume 70, Pages 1-128, July 2017 Addictive Behaviors
Volume 70, Pages 1-128, July 2017

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What parents can do to keep their children from smoking: A systematic review on smoking-specific parenting strategies and smoking onset    Review Article
Pages 107-128
Marieke Hiemstra, Rebecca N.H. de Leeuw, Rutger C.M.E. Engels, Roy Otten
Altered default mode, fronto-parietal and salience networks in adolescents with Internet addiction    Original Research Article
Pages 1-6
Lubin Wang, Hui Shen, Yu Lei, Ling-Li Zeng, Fenglin Cao, Linyan Su, Zheng Yang, Shuqiao Yao, Dewen Hu
Measuring youth beliefs about the harms of e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco compared to cigarettes    Original Research Article
Pages 7-13
Alexander Persoskie, Erin Keely O'Brien, Anh B. Nguyen, Cindy Tworek
Simultaneous use of alcohol with methamphetamine but not ecstasy linked with aggression among young adult stimulant users    Original Research Article
Pages 27-34
Ellen M. Leslie, Andrew Smirnov, Adrian Cherney, Helene Wells, Margot Legosz, Robert Kemp, Jake M. Najman
Bidirectional relationship between time preference and adolescent smoking and alcohol use: Evidence from longitudinal data    Original Research Article
Pages 42-48
Young Kyung Do, Eunhae Shin
An examination of alcohol risk profiles and co-occurring mental health symptoms among OEF/OIF veterans    Original Research Article
Pages 54-60
Jennifer M. Cadigan, Alicia K. Klanecky, Matthew P. Martens
Identification of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use disorder: A case report    Original Research Article
Pages 61-64
Margo E. Godersky, Laura K. Vercammen, Alicia S. Ventura, Alexander Y. Walley, Richard Saitz
Problematic internet pornography use: The role of craving, desire thinking, and metacognition    Original Research Article
Pages 65-71
Andrew Allen, Lee Kannis-Dymand, Mary Katsikitis
Characterizing users of new psychoactive substances using psychometric scales for risk-related behavior    Original Research Article
Pages 72-78
Annabel Vreeker, Babette G. van der Burg, Margriet van Laar, Tibor M. Brunt
Identifying "social smoking" U.S. young adults using an empirically-driven approach    Original Research Article
Pages 83-89
Andrea C. Villanti, Amanda L. Johnson, Jessica M. Rath, Valerie Williams, Donna M. Vallone, David B. Abrams, Donald Hedeker, Robin J. Mermelstein
What's the agreement between self-reported and biochemical verification of drug use? A look at permanent supportive housing residents    Original Research Article
Pages 90-96
Alexis Rendon, Melvin Livingston, Sumihiro Suzuki, Whitney Hill, Scott Walters
Not all drinking events are the same: Exploring 21st birthday and typical alcohol expectancies as a risk factor for high-risk drinking and alcohol problems    Original Research Article
Pages 97-101
Irene Markman Geisner, Isaac C. Rhew, Jason J. Ramirez, Melissa E. Lewis, Mary E. Larimer, Christine M. Lee
Adolescents with cannabis use disorders: Adaptive treatment for poor responders    Original Research Article
Pages 102-106
Yifrah Kaminer, Christine McCauley Ohannessian, Rebecca H. Burke
Attentional bias to alcohol stimuli predicts elevated cue-induced craving in young adult social drinkers   
Pages 14-17
Linda Manchery, Devorah E. Yarmush, Peter Luehring-Jones, Joel Erblich
Financial strain and cognitive-based smoking processes: The explanatory role of depressive symptoms among adult daily smokers   
Pages 18-22
Zuzuky Robles, Sahar Anjum, Lorra Garey, Brooke Y. Kauffman, Rubén Rodríguez-Cano, Kirsten J. Langdon, Clayton Neighbors, Lorraine R. Reitzel, Michael J. Zvolensky
The breathtaking truth about breath alcohol readings of zero   
Pages 23-26
Joris C Verster, Marlou Mackus, Aurora JAE van de Loo, Johan Garssen, Andrew Scholey
Assessing the role of impulsivity in smoking & non-smoking disordered gamblers   
Pages 35-41
Célina A. Boothby, Hyoun S. Kim, Nicole K. Romanow, David C. Hodgins, Daniel S. McGrath
Anxiety and cannabis-related problem severity among dually diagnosed outpatients: The impact of false safety behaviors   
Pages 49-53
Julia D. Buckner, Michael J. Zvolensky, Anthony H. Ecker, Emily R. Jeffries, Austin W. Lemke, Kimberlye E. Dean, Michael S. Businelle, Matthew W. Gallagher
Youth use of electronic vapor products and blunts for administering cannabis   
Pages 79-82
Matthew E. Eggers, Youn O. Lee, Kyle Jackson, Jenny L. Wiley, Lauren Porter, James M. Nonnemaker

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