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Volume 80, Pages 1-160, May 2018 Addictive Behaviors
Volume 80, Pages 1-160, May 2018

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Cognitive deficits in individuals with methamphetamine use disorder: A meta-analysis    Review Article
Pages 154-160
Stéphane Potvin, Julie Pelletier, Stéphanie Grot, Catherine Hébert, Alastair Barr, Tania Lecomte
Difficulties in emotion regulation in treatment-seeking alcoholics with and without co-occurring mood and anxiety disorders    Original Research Article
Pages 6-13
Clara M. Bradizza, Whitney C. Brown, Melanie U. Ruszczyk, Kurt H. Dermen, Joseph F. Lucke, Paul R. Stasiewicz
Comparative risk assessment and cessation information seeking among smokeless tobacco users    Original Research Article
Pages 14-21
Jungmi Jun, Xiaoli Nan
Resilience as a moderating factor between stress and alcohol-related consequences in the Army National Guard    Original Research Article
Pages 22-27
Jessica Kelley Morgan, Janice Brown, Robert M. Bray
Influence of military sexual assault and other military stressors on substance use disorder and PTS symptomology in female military veterans    Original Research Article
Pages 28-33
Matthew M. Yalch, Claire L. Hebenstreit, Shira Maguen
Association of serotonergic pathway genes with smoking cessation in a Chinese rural male population    Original Research Article
Pages 34-38
Qiang Wang, Suyun Li, Huijie Li, Chongqi Jia
The relative strength of attitudes versus perceived drinking norms as predictors of alcohol use    Original Research Article
Pages 39-46
Angelo M. DiBello, Mary Beth Miller, Clayton Neighbors, Allecia Reid, Kate B. Carey
Resistance to peer influence moderates the relationship between perceived (but not actual) peer norms and binge drinking in a college student social network    Original Research Article
Pages 47-52
Graham T. DiGuiseppi, Matthew K. Meisel, Sara G. Balestrieri, Miles Q. Ott, Melissa J. Cox, Melissa A. Clark, Nancy P. Barnett
Exposure to workplace smoking bans and continuity of daily smoking patterns on workdays and weekends    Original Research Article
Pages 53-58
Michael S. Dunbar, Saul Shiffman, Siddharth Chandra
Bidirectional associations of e-cigarette, conventional cigarette and waterpipe experimentation among adolescents: A cross-lagged model    Original Research Article
Pages 59-64
Melinda Pénzes, Kristie L. Foley, Valentin Nădășan, Edit Paulik, Zoltán Ábrám, Róbert Urbán
Effects of six weeks of electronic cigarette use on smoking rate, CO, cigarette dependence, and motivation to quit smoking: A pilot study    Original Research Article
Pages 65-70
Damaris J. Rohsenow, Jennifer W. Tidey, Rosemarie A. Martin, Suzanne M. Colby, Thomas Eissenberg
In pursuit of a self-sustaining college alcohol intervention: Deploying gamified PNF in the real world    Original Research Article
Pages 71-81
Andrew M. Earle, Joseph W. LaBrie, Sarah C. Boyle, Daniel Smith
Affect and cortisol mechanisms through which acute exercise attenuates cigarette cravings during a temporary quit attempt    Original Research Article
Pages 82-88
Stefanie De Jesus, Harry Prapavessis
Alcohol-induced blackouts, subjective intoxication, and motivation to decrease drinking: Prospective examination of the transition out of college    Original Research Article
Pages 89-94
Elise N. Marino, Kim Fromme
Contingency management for college student smokers: The role of drinking as a moderator and mediator of smoking abstinence during treatment    Original Research Article
Pages 95-101
Rachel N. Cassidy, Kristina M. Jackson, Damaris J. Rohsenow, Jennifer W. Tidey, Tracy O'.L. Tevyaw, Nancy P. Barnett, Peter M. Monti, Mollie E. Miller, Suzanne M. Colby
Motives and perceptions regarding electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) use among adults with mental health conditions    Original Research Article
Pages 102-109
Claire Adams Spears, Dina M. Jones, Scott R. Weaver, Terry F. Pechacek, Michael P. Eriksen
Factors associated with successful vs. unsuccessful smoking cessation: Data from a nationally representative study    Original Research Article
Pages 110-115
Fabienne El-Khoury Lesueur, Camille Bolze, Maria Melchior
Drinking to cope mediates the relationship between depression and alcohol risk: Different pathways for college and non-college young adults    Original Research Article
Pages 116-123
Shannon R. Kenney, Bradley J. Anderson, Michael D. Stein
Sociodemographic and psychopathological predictors of criminal behavior in women with gambling disorder    Original Research Article
Pages 124-129
Gemma Mestre-Bach, Trevor Steward, Roser Granero, Fernando Fernández-Aranda, María Teresa Talón-Navarro, Àngel Cuquerella, Amparo del Pino-Gutiérrez, Neus Aymamí, Mónica Gómez-Peña, Núria Mallorquí-Bagué, Teresa Mena-Moreno, Cristina Vintró-Alcaraz, Marta Baño, Laura Moragas, Pablo Magaña, José Manuel Menchón, Susana Jiménez-Murcia
Menthol cigarette smoking among individuals in treatment for substance use disorders    Original Research Article
Pages 135-141
Noah R. Gubner, Denise D. Williams, Anna Pagano, Barbara K. Campbell, Joseph Guydish
Alcohol expectancies pre-and post-alcohol use disorder treatment: Clinical implications    Original Research Article
Pages 142-149
Jason M. Coates, Matthew J. Gullo, Gerald F.X. Feeney, Ross McD. Young, Genevieve A. Dingle, Jason P. Connor
Electronic cigarettes for adults with tobacco dependence enrolled in a tobacco treatment program: A pilot study   
Pages 1-5
Stephen R. Baldassarri, Steven L. Bernstein, Geoffrey L. Chupp, Martin D. Slade, Lisa M. Fucito, Benjamin A. Toll
Associations between coping and marijuana use in a nationally representative sample of adolescents in the United States   
Pages 130-134
Angela E. Lee-Winn, Tamar Mendelson, Renee M. Johnson
Predictive validity of the tobacco marketing receptivity index among non-smoking youth   
Pages 150-153
Sandra Braun, Erika Nayeli Abad-Vivero, Raúl Mejía, Inti Barrientos, James D. Sargent, James F. Thrasher

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