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The Illusion of Moral Superiority by Ben M. Tappin and Ryan T. McKay
Questionable Research Practices Revisited by Klaus Fiedler and Norbert Schwarz
Valuing Time Over Money Is Associated With Greater Happiness by Ashley V. Whillans, Aaron C. Weidman, and Elizabeth W. Dunn
Embodying Power: A Preregistered Replication and Extension of the Power Pose Effect by Katie E. Garrison, David Tang, and Brandon J. Schmeichel
The Interrelations Between Social Class, Personal Relative Deprivation, and Prosociality by Mitchell J. Callan, Hyunji Kim, Ana I. Gheorghiu, and William J. Matthews
Do Bad Guys Get Ahead or Fall Behind? Relationships of the Dark Triad of Personality With Objective and Subjective Career Success by Daniel Spurk, Anita C. Keller, and Andreas Hirschi
Some Evidence for a Gender Gap in Personality and Social Psychology by Adam J. Brown and Jin X. Goh
Putting the "You" in "Thank You": Examining Other-Praising Behavior as the Active Relational Ingredient in Expressed Gratitude by Sara B. Algoe, Laura E. Kurtz, and Nicole M. Hilaire
Reappraising Stress Arousal Improves Performance and Reduces Evaluation Anxiety in Classroom Exam Situations by Jeremy P. Jamieson, Brett J. Peters, Emily J. Greenwood, and Aaron J. Altose
People Who Choose Time Over Money Are Happier by Hal E. Hershfield, Cassie Mogilner, and Uri Barnea
SPPS is a unique short reports journal in social and personality psychology. Its aim is to publish concise reports of empirical studies that provide meaningful contributions to our understanding of important issues in social and personality psychology. SPPS strives to publish innovative, rigorous, and impactful research. It is geared toward a speedy review and publication process to allow groundbreaking research to become part of the scientific conversation quickly.
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