Understanding the Modern EGO


The spiritual self gives, the ego takes. The destructiveness of the ego is immediately evident in social terms: Everyone wants to take, to have, and the result is discord and warfare. Today we are experiencing the collapse of a social system based on egotism both in the East and in the West. Long ago the fanatic belief of economic liberalism (that if the individual strives for maximum economic prosperity the result will be maximum prosperity for all) has been shown to be wishful thinking, an ideology meant to somehow socially justify gross egotism. The answer to liberalism was hardly better. Marx never discovered that individual egotism cannot be overcome through class egotism. Class egotism, national egotism or the egotism of the individual: They all lead to a general defeat in a war of all against all. No social contract helps here. Ambition against ambition, greed against greed will-to-power against will-to-power. How can this lead anywhere but to continual conflict?
Of course the answer is to realize the power of love and the fact that we all work for one another and not for ourselves. This is no wishful thinking but a true realization of the way things are, but is not realized by sleeping people.
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