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Schizophrenia Relapse and Treatment Linked to Brain Loss
Medscape Medical News, 2013-06-12

DSM-5's Validity: Non Sumus Angeli!
Medscape Psychiatry, 2013-06-12

Some Evidence of Benefit for Psychotherapies in Borderline Personality Disorder
Evidence-Based Mental Health, 2013-02-01

Psychiatry Gets More Scientific
Medscape Psychiatry, 2013-06-17    

A Guide to DSM-5
Medscape Psychiatry, 2013-05-21    

Memantine May Improve Cognition in Bipolar Disorder
Medscape Medical News, 2013-06-19

20 Things Psychiatrists Think Hospitalists Need to Know
The Hospitalist, 2013-04-01

New Recs for Antidepressant Use in Bipolar Patients Released
Medscape Medical News, 2013-06-24

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