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Publishing timely, well-conceived, and lively scholarship, Criminal Justice and Behavior (CJB) advances the knowledge and expertise of professionals and academics involved in forensic psychology, with a concentration on correctional psychology.
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A Sense of Injustice Loosens the Moral Bind of Law: Specifying the Links Between Procedural Injustice, Neutralizations, and Offending by Kyle McLean and Scott E. Wolfe
Racial/Ethnic Discrimination and Prosecution: A Meta-Analysis by Jawjeong Wu
Perceptions of Motivational Interviewing: Validation of the Client Evaluation of Motivational Interviewing Scale With Probation Clients by Gaylene S. Armstrong, Cassandra Atkin-Plunk, and Nancy R. Gartner
Perpetrator Type Moderates the Relationship Between Severity of Intimate Partner Violence and Recidivism by Daniel A. Goldstein, Arthur L. Cantos, Lauren H. Brenner, Robert J. Verborg, and David S. Kosson
The Role of Protective Factors and the Relationship With Recidivism for High-Risk Young People in Detention by Stephane M. Shepherd, Stefan Luebbers, and James R. P. Ogloff
CJB is the official journal of the IACFP, an organization of behavioral scientists and practitioners who are concerned with the delivery of high-quality mental health services to criminal offenders, and with promoting and disseminating research on the etiology, assessment and treatment of criminal behavior.
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