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Introducing Clinical Psychological Science—the newest journal from APS
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The Association for Psychological Science and SAGE are proud to present the first issue of Clinical Psychological Science.

About Clinical Psychological ScienceThe Association for Psychological Science (APS) is pleased to introduce Clinical Psychological Science, the latest journal that publishes advances in clinical science and provides a venue for cutting-edge research across a wide range of conceptual views, approaches, and topics. Edited by Alan E. Kazdin, the journal encompasses many core domains that have defined clinical psychology, but also boundary-crossing advances that integrate and make contact with diverse disciplines and that may not easily be found in traditional clinical psychology journals. Among the key topics are research on the underlying mechanisms and etiologies of psychological health and dysfunction; basic and applied work on the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and prevention of mental illness; service delivery; and promotion of well-being.

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January 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1
EditorialAdvancing New Frontiers With Clinical Psychological Science: Editorial by Alan E. Kazdin

Empirical ArticlesVisual Context Processing in Schizophrenia by Eunice Yang, Duje Tadin, Davis M. Glasser, Sang Wook Hong, Randolph Blake, and Sohee Park

The Commutative Property in Comorbid Diagnosis: Does A + B = B + A? by Jared W. Keeley, Chafen S. DeLao, and Claire L. Kirk

Targeted Rejection Triggers Differential Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Gene Expression in Adolescents as a Function of Social Status by Michael L. M. Murphy, George M. Slavich, Nicolas Rohleder, and Gregory E. Miller

Key Characteristics of Major Depressive Disorder Occurring in Childhood, Adolescence, Emerging Adulthood, and Adulthood by Paul Rohde, Peter M. Lewinsohn, Daniel N. Klein, John R. Seeley, and Jeff M. Gau

The Buddy System: A 35-Year Follow-Up of Criminal Offenses by Clifford R. O'Donnell and Izaak L. Williams

Brief Empirical ReportsPossible Mechanisms Explaining the Association Between Physical Activity and Mental Health: Findings From the 2001 Dutch Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Survey by Karin Monshouwer, Margreet ten Have, Mireille van Poppel, Han Kemper, and Wilma Vollebergh

Wandering Minds and Aging Cells by Elissa S. Epel, Eli Puterman, Jue Lin, Elizabeth Blackburn, Alanie Lazaro, and Wendy Berry Mendes

Enhancing Autobiographical Memory Specificity Through Cognitive Training: An Intervention for Depression Translated From Basic Science by Hamid Taher Neshat-Doost, Tim Dalgleish, William Yule, Mehrdad Kalantari, Sayed Jafar Ahmadi, Atle Dyregrov, and Laura Jobson

Imagining a Better Memory: Self-Imagination in Memory-Impaired Patients by Matthew D. Grilli and Elizabeth L. Glisky
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Founding Editor:
Alan E. Kazdin
Yale University
Associate Editors:
Tyrone D. Cannon
Yale University

Emily A. Holmes
MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit, Cambridge

Jill M. Hooley
Harvard University

Kenneth J. Sher
University of Missouri


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