The British Journal of Psychiatry Future Table of Contents for 1 September 2013; Vol. 203, No. 3

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September 2013; Vol. 203, No. 3
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Cognitive function in schizophrenia: insights from intelligence research E. M. Joyce
Assessing the severity of borderline personality disorder P. Moran and M. J. Crawford
Social ecology interventions for post-traumatic stress disorder: what can we learn from child soldiers? B. Kohrt
Differing perspectives on what is important in media reporting of suicide J. Pirkis and A. Machlin
What's the point of neuropsychoanalysis? F. Ramus
Review articles
Adjunctive pharmacotherapy for cognitive deficits in schizophrenia: meta-analytical investigation of efficacy K.-H. Choi, T. Wykes and M. M. Kurtz
Agomelatine efficacy and acceptability revisited: systematic review and meta-analysis of published and unpublished studies M. Koesters, G. Guaiana, A. Cipriani, T. Becker and C. Barbui 

Impact of a 2-year multimodal intervention for disruptive 6-year-olds on substance use in adolescence: randomised controlled trial
N. Castellanos-Ryan, J. R. Seguin, F. Vitaro, S. Parent and R. E. TremblayPost-traumatic stress symptoms among former child soldiers in Sierra Leone: follow-up study
T. A. Betancourt, E. A. Newnham, R. McBain and R. T. BrennanDeterminants for undetected dementia and late-life depression
R. Chen, Z. Hu, R.-L. Chen, Y. Ma, D. Zhang and K. WilsonSubcortical connectivity in dementia with Lewy bodies and Alzheimer's disease
E. R. Kenny, J. T. O'Brien, M. J. Firbank and A. M. BlamireEffect of prior treatment with antipsychotic long-acting injection on randomised clinical trial treatment outcomes
T. R. E. Barnes, R. J. Drarke, G. Dunn, K. P. Hayhurst, P. B. Jones and S. W. LewisImpact of clinical severity on outcomes of mentalisation-based treatment for borderline personality disorder
A. Bateman and P. FonagyHow people bereaved by suicide perceive newspaper reporting: qualitative study
A. Chapple, S. Ziebland, S. Simkin and K. Hawton

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