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Record of the Thatched Hall
on Mount Lu
Po Chu-i 
K'uang Lu, so strange, so superb it tops all the mountains in the empire! The northern peak is called Incense Burner Peak, and the temple there is called Temple of Bequeathed Love. Between the temple and the peak is an area of superlative scenery, the finest in all Mount Lu.
In autumn of the eleventh year of the Yuan-ho era (816) I, Po Lo-t'ien of T'ai-yuan saw it and fell in love with it. Like a traveler on a distant journey who passes by his old home, I felt so drawn to it I couldn't tear myself away. So, on a site facing the peak and flanking the temple I set about building a grass-thatched hut.
By spring of the following year the thatched hall was finished.
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