Daily Zen October edition On the Way

Greetings Aurel,

This edition of On the Way offers 2 teachings from very
different times. Bankei was a very unique Zen master living
in the 1600's; D. T. Suzuki was our contemporary who did the
West an incredible service by bringing Zen to us in a most
"understandable" way.

So if you don't mind shifting gears in the space of this
one journal, see how these two teachings enhance each other.
Join me now for the current edition of On the Way:


The final touches are being placed on this next offering of
meditation benches.  They will be ready for shipment in November,
and I will be sending an email out when they are ready for you.
This set will include birch, oak, and hickory.

Have a lovely Fall/Spring,  taking time to enjoy the colors
as they peak.

With care,

P.O Box 745771
Arvada, CO 80003

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