Consciousness and Cognition: Alert 23 December-29 December

Consciousness and CognitionConsciousness and Cognition Volume 39 ,  Pages 1-92, January 2016
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  Regular Articles
A single bout of meditation biases cognitive control but not attentional focusing: Evidence from the global–local task   Original Research Article Pages 1-7 Lorenza S. Colzato, Pauline van der Wel, Roberta Sellaro, Bernhard Hommel
On the alleged memory-undermining effects of daydreaming   Original Research Article Pages 8-17 Henry Otgaar, Colleen Cleere, Harald Merckelbach, Maarten Peters, Marko Jelicic, Steven Jay Lynn
Does working memory capacity predict cross-modally induced failures of awareness?   Original Research Article Pages 18-27 Carina Kreitz, Philip Furley, Daniel J. Simons, Daniel Memmert
Readiness potentials driven by non-motoric processes   Original Research Article Pages 38-47 Prescott Alexander, Alexander Schlegel, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Adina L. Roskies, Thalia Wheatley, Peter Ulric Tse
How anxiety induces verbal hallucinations   Original Research Article Pages 48-58 Matthew Ratcliffe, Sam Wilkinson
The brain mechanism that reduces the vividness of negative imagery   Original Research Article Pages 59-69 Hiroki Motoyama, Shinsuke Hishitani
Sense of body ownership in patients affected by functional motor symptoms (conversion disorder)   Original Research Article Pages 70-76 Benedetta Demartini, Lucia Ricciardi, Laura Crucianelli, Aikaterini Fotopoulou, Mark J. Edwards
Development and validation of the Maladaptive Daydreaming Scale (MDS)   Original Research Article Pages 77-91 Eli Somer, Jonathan Lehrfeld, Jayne Bigelsen, Daniela S. Jopp
The epistemic innocence of psychedelic states   Review Article Pages 28-37 Chris Letheby

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