Editorial Ianuarie 2016 - Prof.Dr. Aurel ROMILA

     EGO  si  cele 2 RAZBOAIE

     Ego-ul poarta doua razboaie: unul extern cu concurenta vietii (il vom descrie in editorialul din februarie) si unul intern.
     Beligeranti in conflict sunt ideea si pasiunea, ceea ce Freud spusese despre principiul realitatii si principiul placerii. Cand domina unul cand celalalt. Cand se sustin se sumeaza pentru batalia exterioara, invers exteriorul este mai puternic si personalitatea esueaza. Sunt de fapt cele doua laturi ale sinelui reglate de ego. Un ego puternic impune principiul realitatii pe cand unul slab e dominat de cel al placerii. De pilda paranoiacul e realist in timp ce dependentul de jocuri este slab, infantil si pierde sperand la nesfirsit ca va cistiga! Maturul le echilibreaza in timp ce copilul si batrinul sunt dominate de placere. Psihoterapiile incearca sa modereze placerea si sa creasca prin resocializare principiul realitatii. Oricum e nevoie oricand de putina pasiune si masurata ratiune!

Prof.Dr. Aurel ROMILA 

     The EGO and the 2 WARS
      Ego carries two wars: one external with life competition (it we'll be described in the next editorial in February) and another one internal. 
     Belligerents in the conflict are the idea and passion, what Freud said about the reality principle and pleasure principle. Time to time dominate one or the other. When they support each other it added up for the outside battle, reversely the exterior is stronger and the personality fails. In fact, there are actually two sides of the self balanced by ego. A strong ego impose the reality principle while the weak one is dominated by the pleasure principle. For example, the paranoiac is realistic while gaming addicted is weak, infantile, losing endlessly hoping that will win! The mature balance them but children and elders are dominated by pleasure. Psychotherapy attempts to moderate the pleasure and to increase the reality principle by means of resocialization. Anyway always it is necessary a little bit passion and balanced reason.

Prof.Dr. Aurel ROMILA

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