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Cognitive PsychologyCognitive Psychology
Volume 87 ,  Pages 1-178, June 2016

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Phases of learning: How skill acquisition impacts cognitive processing   Original Research Article
Pages 1-28
Caitlin Tenison, Jon M. Fincham, John R. Anderson
The logic in language: How all quantifiers are alike, but each quantifier is different   Original Research Article
Pages 29-52
Roman Feiman, Jesse Snedeker
Thinking outside of the box: Transfer of shape-based reorientation across the boundary of an arena   Original Research Article
Pages 53-87
Matthew G. Buckley, Alastair D. Smith, Mark Haselgrove
Do people reason rationally about causally related events? Markov violations, weak inferences, and failures of explaining away   Original Research Article
Pages 88-134
Benjamin M. Rottman, Reid Hastie
Effects of rhythm on memory for spoken sequences: A model and tests of its stimulus-driven mechanism   Original Research Article
Pages 135-178
Tom Hartley, Mark J. Hurlstone, Graham J. Hitch
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