World Psychiatry

To WPA Member Societies
Dear Presidents and office bearers of WPA member societies,
You will be pleased to know that WPA's publication World Psychiatry has achieved a well-deserved honour for having a new impact factor of 20.205. World Psychiatry now ranks number one among psychiatric journals. Credit goes to Prof Mario Maj for his leadership and dedication for this publication.

I am sending you a report published in the latest issue of this journal about section's activities.

I hope you will be able to share this report with your membership and please do encourage them to become members of WPA sections that enjoy a prominent position in the working of WPA especially for promoting and disseminating  scientific knowledge around the globe. Details for getting membership of Sections can be found on WPA website.


With personal regards,

Dr Afzal Javed
Secretary for Sections
WPA Secretariat
Geneva University Psychiatric Hospital,
2 chemin du Petit-Bel-Air
CH-1225 ChĂȘne-Bourg/Geneva, Switzerland
Web :

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