Clinical Psychology Review: Alert 29 June-5 July

Clinical Psychology ReviewClinical Psychology Review
Volume 47 ,  Pages 1-142, July 2016

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Pages IFC
Non-suicidal self-injury and life stress: A systematic meta-analysis and theoretical elaboration   Review Article
Pages 1-14
Richard T. Liu, Shayna M. Cheek, Bridget A. Nestor
What is compassion and how can we measure it? A review of definitions and measures   Review Article
Pages 15-27
Clara Strauss, Billie Lever Taylor, Jenny Gu, Willem Kuyken, Ruth Baer, Fergal Jones, Kate Cavanagh
A systematic review of the psychological correlates of adjustment outcomes in adults with inflammatory bowel disease   Review Article
Pages 28-40
Cheryl Jordan, Jacqueline Sin, Nicola T. Fear, Trudie Chalder
Interventions for children and adolescents with posttraumatic stress disorder: A meta-analysis of comparative outcome studies   Review Article
Pages 41-54
Nexhmedin Morina, Rachel Koerssen, Thomas V. Pollet
Towards an integrative theory of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES)   Review Article
Pages 55-70
Richard J. Brown, Markus Reuber
Does a pre-intervention functional assessment increase intervention effectiveness? A meta-analysis of within-subject interrupted time-series studies   Review Article
Pages 71-84
Kylee Hurl, Jade Wightman, Stephen N. Haynes, Javier Virues-Ortega
A systematic review of the parenting and outcomes experienced by offspring of mothers with borderline personality pathology: Potential mechanisms and clinical implications   Review Article
Pages 85-105
Julie Eyden, Catherine Winsper, Dieter Wolke, Matthew R. Broome, Fiona MacCallum
The trauma film paradigm as an experimental psychopathology model of psychological trauma: intrusive memories and beyond   Review Article
Pages 106-142
Ella L. James, Alex Lau-Zhu, Ian A. Clark, Renée M. Visser, Muriel A. Hagenaars, Emily A. Holmes

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