Cognitive Psychology: Alert 20 July-26 July

Cognitive PsychologyCognitive Psychology
Volume 88 ,  Pages 1-186, August 2016

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The dynamics of fidelity over the time course of long-term memory   Original Research Article
Pages 1-21
Kimele Persaud, Pernille Hemmer
Limits on lexical prediction during reading   Original Research Article
Pages 22-60
Steven G. Luke, Kiel Christianson
Probabilistic conditional reasoning: Disentangling form and content with the dual-source model   Original Research Article
Pages 61-87
Henrik Singmann, Karl Christoph Klauer, Sieghard Beller
Lexical representations are malleable for about one second: Evidence for the non-automaticity of perceptual recalibration   Original Research Article
Pages 88-114
Arthur G. Samuel
Frames of reference in spatial language acquisition   Original Research Article
Pages 115-161
Anna Shusterman, Peggy Li
Numerical morphology supports early number word learning: Evidence from a comparison of young Mandarin and English learners   Original Research Article
Pages 162-186
Mathieu Le Corre, Peggy Li, Becky H. Huang, Gisela Jia, Susan Carey

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