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Volume 68, Pages 1-72, May 2017 Addictive Behaviors
Volume 68, Pages 1-72, May 2017

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Marijuana use disorder symptoms among recent onset marijuana users    Original Research Article
Pages 6-13
Lisa Dierker, William Mendoza, Renee Goodwin, Arielle Selya, Jennifer Rose
Medicinal versus recreational cannabis use: Patterns of cannabis use, alcohol use, and cued-arousal among veterans who screen positive for PTSD    Original Research Article
Pages 18-23
Mallory Loflin, Mitch Earleywine, Marcel Bonn-Miller
The effects of rurality on substance use disorder diagnosis: A multiple-groups latent class analysis    Original Research Article
Pages 24-29
Billy Brooks, Matthew McBee, Robert Pack, Arsham Alamian
Patterns of drug use and HIV infection among adults in a nationally representative sample    Original Research Article
Pages 39-44
Stephanie Shiau, Stephen M. Arpadi, Michael T. Yin, Silvia S. Martins
Socioeconomic differences in adolescent substance abuse treatment participation and long-term outcomes    Original Research Article
Pages 45-51
Camillia K. Lui, Stacy A. Sterling, Felicia W. Chi, Yun Lu, Cynthia I. Campbell
Self-concept mediate the relationship between childhood maltreatment and abstinence motivation as well as self-efficacy among drug addicts    Original Research Article
Pages 52-58
Feng-Ying Lu, Si Wen, Gang Deng, Yung-Lung Tang
Health-compromising practices of undergraduate college students: Examining racial/ethnic and gender differences in characteristics of prescription stimulant misuse    Original Research Article
Pages 59-65
Sheena Cruz, Stephanie Sumstine, Jocelyne Mendez, Niloofar Bavarian
Examining the link between cocaine binging and individual, social and behavioral factors among street-based cocaine users    Original Research Article
Pages 66-72
√Člise Roy, Nelson Arruda, Didier Jutras-Aswad, Djamal Berbiche, Michel Perreault, Karine Bertrand, Magali Dufour, Julie Bruneau
Hookah tobacco smoking in a large urban sample of adult cigarette smokers: Links with alcohol and poly-tobacco use   
Pages 1-5
Amy M. Cohn, Sarah J. Ehlke, Caroline O. Cobb, Eric K. Soule
Sensitivity and specificity of the gain short-screener for predicting substance use disorders in a large national sample of emerging adults   
Pages 14-17
Douglas C. Smith, Kyle M. Bennett, Michael L. Dennis, Rodney R. Funk
Associations between adverse childhood experiences, student-teacher relationships, and non-medical use of prescription medications among adolescents   
Pages 30-34
Myriam Forster, Amy L. Gower, Iris W. Borowsky, Barbara J. McMorris
Prevalence and correlates of fentanyl-contaminated heroin exposure among young adults who use prescription opioids non-medically   
Pages 35-38
Alexandria Macmadu, Jennifer J. Carroll, Scott E. Hadland, Traci C. Green, Brandon D.L. Marshall

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