Editorial Mai 2015 - Prof.Dr. Aurel ROMILA

C O N D I T I A      P S I H O T E R A P I E I

Psihoterapia este in expansiune si la noi. Cred ca trebuie sa cadem de acord asupra continutului ei. Desigur in primul rand trebuie propus ceva invers simptomului pe care il reclama clientul. Dar nu trebuie sa se limiteze la atat. Psihoterapeutul trebuie sa imagineze un plan care sa depaseasca conditia mizerabila a clientului. Il adaptam daca il includem in societate si daca il facem sa castige ceva, sa se  autointretina. Pentru ca in definitiv boala mintala ameninta cu dependenta sociala. Trebuie sa fie intretinuti de normali si de stat. Pentru a reusi aceasta resocializare psihoterapeutul trebuie sa fie cu vocatie, un daruit profesiei si un optimist a outrance. Astfel se face transferul pozitiv Freudian si se salveaza un om. Restul este vorbarie  costisitoare, pretentioasa si ignoranta.

Prof.Dr. Aurel ROMILA 

P S Y C H O T H E R A P Y    C O N D I T I O N

Psychotherapy is expanding also to us. I think that we all need to agree on its content. Of course, firstly we have to offer something opposed to symptom that client complains. But it should not be limited only to that. The psychotherapist has to imagine a plan meant to exceed the client miserable condition. We adapt them if succeed to include them in society and determine them to gain something to allow their self sustainability. Because mental illness ultimately threaten with social dependence. They must be supported by normals and government. To succeed this resocialization the psychotherapist must have vocation, to be profession dedicated and an optimistic a outrance . This is the way the positive Freudian transfer happens and the man is saved. The rest is expensive chatter, pretentious and ignorance.

Prof. Dr. Aurel ROMILA

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