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Professionalism in Psychiatry: A Very Special Collection
Laura Weiss Roberts
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 429-430


When Residents Need Health Care: Stigma of the Patient Role
Christine Moutier, Michelle Cornette, Jon Lehrmann, Cynthia Geppert, Carol Tsao, Renee DeBoard, Katherine Green Hammond, and Laura Weiss Roberts
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 431-441

Developing a Modern Standard to Define and Assess Professionalism in Trainees
Ann C. Schwartz, Raymond J. Kotwicki, and William M. McDonald
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 442-450

Mind-Brain Dualism
Nancy L. Debbink and Carol I. Ping Tsao
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 450

End-of-Life Care Education forPsychiatric Residents:Attitudes, Preparedness, andConceptualizations of Dignity
Glendon R. Tait and Brian D. Hodges
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 451-456

Mary Buckler
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 456

Cultivating Empathy for the Mentally Ill Using Simulated Auditory Hallucinations
William Bunn and Jan Terpstra
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 457-460

Professionalism and Ethics Education on Relationships and Boundaries: Psychiatric Residents' Training Preferences
Maria Lapid, Christine Moutier, Laura Dunn, Katherine Green Hammond, and Laura Weiss Roberts
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 461-469

Steve Koh
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 469

Medical Students' Affirmation of Ethics Education
Jon A. Lehrmann, Jinger Hoop, Katherine Green Hammond, and Laura Weiss Roberts
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 470-477

Learning the Ropes
Jayme Gilgenbach Bosler
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 477

Relationships Between Drug Company Representatives and Medical Students:Medical School Policies and Attitudes of Student Affairs Deans and Third-Year Medical Students
Frederick Sierles, Amy Brodkey, Lynn Cleary, Frederick A. McCurdy, Matthew Mintz, Julia Frank, Deborah Joanne Lynn, Jason Chao, Bruce Morgenstern, William Shore, and John Woodard
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 478-483

Students' Views on Factors Affecting Empathy in Medical Education
Jeffrey Winseman, Abid Malik, Julie Morison, and Victoria Balkoski
Acad Psychiatry 2009;33 484-491



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