Fwd: Daily Zen Solstice Edition On the Way

http://www.dailyzen.com/zen/zen_reading1312.asphttp://www.dailyzen.com/zen/zen_reading1312.aspThis month we celebrate many festivals, but the transition of light is always meaningful, no matter what tradition you follow. We chose a relatively more recent Zen Master to deliver our Solstice teaching. Xu Yun lived 119 years, that alone also marks him as someone rare, spanning so much time and dying in 1959. Join me now to explore his bridge between ancient and modern: http://www.dailyzen.com/zen/zen_reading1312.asp  Have a lovely holiday season, remembering to help those without homes, food, or struck by the tragedies of nature. We are all in this together!

Wishing you Joy and Equanimity,

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