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Volume 66, Pages 1-150, March 2017 Addictive Behaviors
Volume 66, Pages 1-150, March 2017

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Now is the time to advocate for interventions designed specifically to prevent and control waterpipe tobacco smoking    Review Article
Pages 41-47
A.A. Lopez, T. Eissenberg, M. Jaafar, R. Afifi
The influence of episodic foresight on delay discounting and demand for alcohol    Original Research Article
Pages 1-6
Adam Bulley, Matthew J. Gullo
The influence of sleep quality on smoking cessation in socioeconomically disadvantaged adults    Original Research Article
Pages 7-12
MacKenzie R. Peltier, Jiesu Lee, Ping Ma, Michael S. Businelle, Darla E. Kendzor
Effectiveness of a small cash incentive on abstinence and use of cessation aids for adult smokers: A randomized controlled trial    Original Research Article
Pages 17-25
Yee Tak Derek Cheung, Man Ping Wang, Ho Cheung William Li, Antonio Kwong, Vienna Lai, Sophia Siu Chee Chan, Tai-hing Lam
Early life predictors of alcohol-related attitudes among 11-year-old never drinkers    Original Research Article
Pages 26-32
Megan E. Patrick, Laura Wray-Lake, Jennifer L. Maggs
Evaluating the perceived effectiveness of pregnancy-related cigarette package health warning labels among different gender/age groups    Original Research Article
Pages 33-40
Christy Kollath-Cattano, Amira Osman, James F Thrasher
Electronic cigarette and marijuana use among youth in the United States    Original Research Article
Pages 48-54
Hongying Dai, Jianqiang Hao
Vaping to lose weight: Predictors of adult e-cigarette use for weight loss or control    Original Research Article
Pages 55-59
Meghan E. Morean, Amelia V. Wedel
Disentangling development of sensation seeking, risky peer affiliation, and binge drinking in adolescent sport    Original Research Article
Pages 60-65
Catherine Frances Drane, Kathryn L. Modecki, Bonnie L. Barber
Parent and peer pathways linking childhood experiences of abuse with marijuana use in adolescence and adulthood    Original Research Article
Pages 70-75
W. Alex Mason, M. Jean Russo, Mary B. Chmelka, Roy C. Herrenkohl, Todd I. Herrenkohl
Interactive pathways to substance abuse    Original Research Article
Pages 76-82
Marc A. Lindberg, Dana Zeid
College student marijuana involvement: Perceptions, use, and consequences across 11 college campuses    Original Research Article
Pages 83-89
Matthew R. Pearson, Bruce S. Liese, Robert D. Dvorak, Marijuana Outcomes Study Team
Combat experience and problem drinking in veterans: Exploring the roles of PTSD, coping motives, and perceived stigma    Original Research Article
Pages 90-95
Stephen M. Miller, Eric R. Pedersen, Grant N. Marshall
Drinking motives and alcohol outcome expectancies as mediators of the association between negative urgency and alcohol consumption    Original Research Article
Pages 101-107
Amber M. Anthenien, Jordanna Lembo, Clayton Neighbors
The curvilinear effects of sexual orientation on young adult substance use    Original Research Article
Pages 108-113
Jamie E. Parnes, Ryan L. Rahm-Knigge, Bradley T. Conner
A longitudinal study of persistent smoking among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in primary relationships    Original Research Article
Pages 118-124
Kristi E. Gamarel, Torsten B. Neilands, Amy A. Conroy, Samantha E. Dilworth, Nadra Lisha, Jonelle M. Taylor, Lynae A. Darbes, Mallory O. Johnson
A large-scale national study of gambling severity among immigrant and non-immigrant adolescents: The role of the family    Original Research Article
Pages 125-131
Natale Canale, Alessio Vieno, Mark D Griffiths, Alberto Borraccino, Giacomo Lazzeri, Lorena Charrier, Patrizia Lemma, Paola Dalmasso, Massimo Santinello
Beyond methamphetamine: Documenting the implementation of the Matrix model of substance use treatment for opioid users in a South African setting    Original Research Article
Pages 132-137
Jessica F. Magidson, Hetta Gouse, Warren Burnhams, Christie Y.Y. Wu, Bronwyn Myers, John A. Joska, Adam W. Carrico
The impact of sleep and psychiatric symptoms on alcohol consequences among young adults    Original Research Article
Pages 138-144
Mary Beth Miller, Eliza Van Reen, David H. Barker, Brandy M. Roane, Brian Borsari, John E. McGeary, Ronald Seifer, Mary A. Carskadon
Polydrug use among urban adolescent cigarette smokers    Original Research Article
Pages 145-150
Karma L. McKelvey, Danielle E. Ramo, Kevin Delucchi, Mark L. Rubinstein
Sleep patterns and problems among early adolescents: Associations with alcohol use   
Pages 13-16
Naomi R. Marmorstein
One of these things is not like the others: Testing trajectories in drinking frequency, drinking quantity, and alcohol-related problems in undergraduate women   
Pages 66-69
Logan J. Nealis, Jamie-Lee Collins, Dayna L. Lee-Baggley, Simon B. Sherry, Sherry H. Stewart
Psychiatric disorders, suicidal ideation, and sexually transmitted infections among post-deployment veterans who utilize digital social media for sexual partner seeking   
Pages 96-100
Jack L. Turban, Marc N. Potenza, Rani A. Hoff, Steve Martino, Shane W. Kraus
Perceived safety and controllability of events: Markers of risk for marijuana use in young adults?   
Pages 114-117
Carolyn E. Sartor, Anthony H. Ecker, Shane W. Kraus, Robert F. Leeman, Kristin N. Dukes, Dawn W. Foster

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