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Volume 159, Pages 1-162, February 2017 Cognition
Volume 159, Pages 1-162, February 2017

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  Regular Articles
Heartfelt embodiment: Changes in body-ownership and self-identification produce distinct changes in interoceptive accuracy    Original Research Article
Pages 1-10
Maria L. Filippetti, Manos Tsakiris
Learning language from within: Children use semantic generalizations to infer word meanings    Original Research Article
Pages 11-24
Mahesh Srinivasan, Sara Al-Mughairy, Ruthe Foushee, David Barner
Surprise! 20-month-old infants understand the emotional consequences of false beliefs    Original Research Article
Pages 33-47
Rose M. Scott
Seeing the world through others' minds: Inferring social context from behaviour    Original Research Article
Pages 48-60
Yvonne Teoh, Emma Wallis, Ian D. Stephen, Peter Mitchell
Exploring socioeconomic differences in syntactic development through the lens of real-time processing    Original Research Article
Pages 61-75
Yi Ting Huang, Kathryn Leech, Meredith L. Rowe
Infant attention to same- and other-race faces    Original Research Article
Pages 76-84
Anantha Singarajah, Jill Chanley, Yoselin Gutierrez, Yoselin Cordon, Bryan Nguyen, Lauren Burakowski, Scott P. Johnson

Graphical abstract

Hierarchical organization in visual working memory: From global ensemble to individual object structure    Original Research Article
Pages 85-96
Qi-Yang Nie, Hermann J. Müller, Markus Conci
The cradle of social knowledge: Infants' reasoning about caregiving and affiliation    Original Research Article
Pages 102-116
Annie C. Spokes, Elizabeth S. Spelke
Exploration and exploitation of Victorian science in Darwin's reading notebooks    Original Research Article
Pages 117-126
Jaimie Murdock, Colin Allen, Simon DeDeo
Eye movements reveal a dissociation between memory encoding and retrieval in adults with autism    Original Research Article
Pages 127-138
Rose A. Cooper, Kate C. Plaisted-Grant, Simon Baron-Cohen, Jon S. Simons
Spoken word recognition in young tone language learners: Age-dependent effects of segmental and suprasegmental variation    Original Research Article
Pages 139-155
Weiyi Ma, Peng Zhou, Leher Singh, Liqun Gao
  Brief Articles
The regularity game: Investigating linguistic rule dynamics in a population of interacting agents   
Pages 25-32
Christine Cuskley, Claudio Castellano, Francesca Colaiori, Vittorio Loreto, Martina Pugliese, Francesca Tria
Dissociating processes underlying level-1 visual perspective taking in adults   
Pages 97-101
Andrew R. Todd, C. Daryl Cameron, Austin J. Simpson
Individual differences in nonverbal number skills predict math anxiety   
Pages 156-162
Marcus Lindskog, Anders Winman, Leo Poom
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Pages I-VI

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