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Volume 92, Pages 1-140, February 2017 Cognitive Psychology
Volume 92, Pages 1-140, February 2017

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Intuitive biological thought: Developmental changes and effects of biology education in late adolescence    Original Research Article
Pages 1-21
John D. Coley, Melanie Arenson, Yian Xu, Kimberly D. Tanner
To infinity and beyond: Children generalize the successor function to all possible numbers years after learning to count    Original Research Article
Pages 22-36
Pierina Cheung, Miriam Rubenson, David Barner
Transitional probabilities count more than frequency, but might not be used for memorization    Original Research Article
Pages 37-64
Ansgar D. Endress, Alan Langus
Models that allow us to perceive the world more accurately also allow us to remember past events more accurately via differentiation    Original Research Article
Pages 65-86
Aslı Kılıç, Amy H. Criss, Kenneth J. Malmberg, Richard M. Shiffrin
Today is tomorrow's yesterday: Children's acquisition of deictic time words    Original Research Article
Pages 87-100
Katharine A. Tillman, Tyler Marghetis, David Barner, Mahesh Srinivasan
Likelihood ratio sequential sampling models of recognition memory    Original Research Article
Pages 101-126
Adam F. Osth, Simon Dennis, Andrew Heathcote
Habit outweighs planning in grasp selection for object manipulation    Original Research Article
Pages 127-140
Oliver Herbort, Hanna Mathew, Wilfried Kunde

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