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Volume 47, Pages 1-112, January 2017 Consciousness and Cognition
Volume 47, Pages 1-112, January 2017

Cognitive Penetration and Predictive Coding
Edited by Albert Newen, Francesco Marchi and Peter Brössel

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Introduction – Cognitive penetration and predictive coding. Pushing the debate forward with the recent achievements of cognitive science   
Pages 1-5
Albert Newen, Francesco Marchi, Peter Brössel
  Conceptual clarificatons and the conceptual relations
The relationship between cognitive penetration and predictive coding    Original Research Article
Pages 6-16
Fiona Macpherson
  Cognitive Penetration defended
How to (and how not to) think about top-down influences on visual perception    Original Research Article
Pages 17-25
Christoph Teufel, Bence Nanay
Why cognitive penetration of our perceptual experience is still the most plausible account    Original Research Article
Pages 26-37
Albert Newen, Petra Vetter
Encapsulated social perception of emotional expressions    Original Research Article
Pages 38-47
Joulia Smortchkova
Attention and cognitive penetrability: The epistemic consequences of attention as a form of metacognitive regulation    Original Research Article
Pages 48-62
Francesco Marchi
  Evaluating the Predictive Coding Framework for Cognitive Penetration: Possibilities and Limits
Predictions penetrate perception: Converging insights from brain, behaviour and disorder    Original Research Article
Pages 63-74
Claire O'Callaghan, Kestutis Kveraga, James M. Shine, Reginald B. Adams, Moshe Bar
Priors in perception: Top-down modulation, Bayesian perceptual learning rate, and prediction error minimization    Original Research Article
Pages 75-85
Jakob Hohwy
Noise, uncertainty, and interest: Predictive coding and cognitive penetration    Original Research Article
Pages 86-98
Jona Vance, Dustin Stokes
Attention in the predictive mind    Original Research Article
Pages 99-112
Madeleine Ransom, Sina Fazelpour, Christopher Mole

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