O alta Africa

The Africa they never show you

Mansion in Gabon , South Africa

accra , ghana

cape town , south africa

cape town again


Réunion Island south eastern africa

Réunion Island south eastern africa



Bejaia , Algeria - North Africa

This is where the equator pass thru in Sao Tome Island , West Africa

road to Lubango, Angola

housing estate in in accra, ghana

Cabo Verde, Cape Verde

Obudu Resort , Nigeria
If u thought the houses in Ghana where spectacular then u will be speechless with this house in Nigeria ...........mansion under construction in Nigeria

Row houses in Nigeria

House in Abuja , Nigeria

Seychelles Island
Kampala , Uganda
South Africa
aerial view of Annobon Island , Equitorial Guinea ......beautiful

yes, we also enjoy ourselves on the weekend and dont languish in poverty lol

Presidential Palace , Ghana

Mansion in Trasacco Valley , Accra-Ghana....where the wealthy live

House in Accra-Ghana

President Obama n his African roots

President Obama n his African roots


tunis , tunisia

Harare International Airport , Zimbabwe
river nile in egypt

Bush in Rwanda

alexandria , egypt

nairobi , kenya

Nairobi , KenyaWindsor Golf and Country Club with Nairobi skyline in the background

Hilton hotel, Yaounde-Cameroon

Event being hosted in Ghana
In Ghanaian Tradition a royal is carried by four bearers in a seat as you see in this picture

A hotel in Khartoum , Sudan

The cable cars at the beach in Durban , south africa

regular occurance: a sandstorm over Khartoum , Sudan . After all , it is a city in the desert...

Aerial view of Khartoum , Sudan

The Wavehouse at Gateway Mall, Durban , South Africa , we really have that in canada
Mall in South Africa

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of SA's mega malls. (125 000m2)

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of SA's mega malls. (125 000m2)

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of SA's mega malls. (125 000m2)

Cairo - Egypt

Cairo - Egypt

Hurghada - Egypt

National Stadium-Dar es salaam in tanzania with the practice field right outside

City of Dar es salaam-Tanzania
Beyonce shakin her ass as usual in Tanzania !

Church in Abuja , Nigeria

Mansion in South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge , South Africa

Port Elizabeth , South Africa
mall in nairobi , kenya

More Niarobi

Village Market, Nairobi

Holiday spot in Mombasa , Kenya

Kakum National ParkGHANA !
Serena Hotel ( Kampala , Uganda )
pink lake, the only one in the world, Senegal

Cape Town - South Africa
The gambia

The Gambia sick house


Eastgate mall harare zimbabwe

Gold Reef City ! South Africa
City of the Sun! South Africa

Gilloolys interchange, Johannesburg , south africa

view of Addis Ababa , Ethiopia from the Sheraton Addis Resort

A small island on Lake Victoria , Kenya

Glacier near the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro , Tanzania (and they said u couldnt see snow in Africa !)

Mauritius island

Horn Blowers

Traditional Ghanaian drummers open for the African Cup of Nations(CAN 2008) in Accra , Ghana

African design architecture, Cameroon

The palms, Lagos , Nigeria

Windhoek , Namibia
Windhoek , Namibia . was colonized by Germany . see the influence?
SEYCHELLES Islands lodgehouse in ghanahouse in gambia
SUN CITY , South Africa
Palace of the Lost City in SUN CITY , South Africa (Africa's answer to Las Vegas )

Johannesburg , South Africa aka 'Egoli', the wealthiest city in Africa
Downtown Johannesburg , South Africa

a house in a quiet Accra Suburb( Ghana )

The richest city in Africa ( Sandton Square ) in Johannesburg , South Africa

New buildings in Gaborone , Botswana

Mansions in Gaborone , Botswana

House in Accra , Ghana

the biggest church building in the world. Cathedral in Yamassoukro , Ivory Coast ( Cote D'ivoire )

resort in gambia

White sands Resort , Kenya

Trasacco Valley Estates in Accra , Ghana (where the rich live)

Apartment living on Victoria Island , Lagos-Nigeria

Middle class housing in Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria

Apartment building in Lagos , Nigeria

This road is called Devils Elbow in Cross River State , Nigeria (it leads to a Ranch/Resort)

Al-Fatih Hotel in Khartoum , Sudan

Benghazi , Libya
Middle class suburb in Rwanda

Pretoria , South Africa
Cape Town , South Africa
Ilheu das Rolas Resort , Sao Tome and Principe (off the coast of western Africa )

Main shopping street in Windhoek , Namibia (southern africa )

cairo , egypt (northern africa )
Nimeni nu are interes sa va arate realitatea. Totul apartine celor care i-au colonizat. Noi trebuie sa stim doar despre boli si mizerie.

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