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Alert: Cognition
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Volume 164, Pages 1-212, July 2017 Cognition
Volume 164, Pages 1-212, July 2017

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  Regular Articles
Multisensory object perception in infancy: 4-month-olds perceive a mistuned harmonic as a separate auditory and visual object    Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Nicholas A. Smith, Nicole A. Folland, Diana M. Martinez, Laurel J. Trainor
'To the victor go the spoils': Infants expect resources to align with dominance structures    Original Research Article
Pages 8-21
Elizabeth A. Enright, Hyowon Gweon, Jessica A. Sommerville
Variations in judgments of intentional action and moral evaluation across eight cultures    Original Research Article
Pages 22-30
Erin Robbins, Jason Shepard, Philippe Rochat

Graphical abstract

In the side-effect effect, individuals tend to judge bad side effects as more intentional than good side effects (left panels), and harmful outcomes more worthy of blame than helpful outcomes worthy of praise (right panels). Across highly contrasted populations we found limited generalizability of the original side-effect effect, and even a trend toward inversion of the effect in two rural, traditional cultures (Samoa and Vanuatu) where participants were more likely to judge the helpful side effect as intentional and praiseworthy (shaded bars).

Individual differences in the Simon effect are underpinned by differences in the competitive dynamics in the basal ganglia: An experimental verification and a computational model    Original Research Article
Pages 31-45
Andrea Stocco, Nicole L. Murray, Brianna L. Yamasaki, Taylor J. Renno, Jimmy Nguyen, Chantel S. Prat
The semantic representation of prejudice and stereotypes    Original Research Article
Pages 46-60
Sudeep Bhatia
Hierarchical levels of representation in language prediction: The influence of first language acquisition in highly proficient bilinguals    Original Research Article
Pages 61-73
Nicola Molinaro, Francesco Giannelli, Sendy Caffarra, Clara Martin
Compensation mechanisms that improve distractor filtering are short-lived    Original Research Article
Pages 74-86
Ayala S. Allon, Roy Luria
The residual protective effects of enactment    Original Research Article
Pages 87-101
Jeffrey D. Wammes, Myra A. Fernandes
Infants' motor simulation of observed actions is modulated by the visibility of the actor's body    Original Research Article
Pages 107-115
Ty W. Boyer, Samuel M. Harding, Bennett I. Bertenthal
Bootstrapping language acquisition    Original Research Article
Pages 116-143
Omri Abend, Tom Kwiatkowski, Nathaniel J. Smith, Sharon Goldwater, Mark Steedman
Executive function depletion in children and its impact on theory of mind    Original Research Article
Pages 150-162
Lindsey J. Powell, Susan Carey
Cognitive control in action: Tracking the dynamics of rule switching in 5- to 8-year-olds and adults    Original Research Article
Pages 163-173
Christopher D. Erb, Jeff Moher, Joo-Hyun Song, David M. Sobel
The relationship between pre-verbal event representations and semantic structures: The case of goal and source paths    Original Research Article
Pages 174-187
Laura Lakusta, Danielle Spinelli, Kathryn Garcia
Broca's region: A causal role in implicit processing of grammars with crossed non-adjacent dependencies    Original Research Article
Pages 188-198
Julia Uddén, Martin Ingvar, Peter Hagoort, Karl Magnus Petersson
  Brief Articles
Auditory morphological processing: Evidence from phonological priming   
Pages 102-106
Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin, Amy Goodwin Davies, Robert J. Wilder, David Embick
The relationship between sign production and sign comprehension: What handedness reveals   
Pages 144-149
Freya Watkins, Robin L. Thompson
Between a conditional's antecedent and its consequent: Discourse coherence vs. probabilistic relevance   
Pages 199-205
Karolina Krzyżanowska, Peter J. Collins, Ulrike Hahn
  Discussion Articles
Two paradigms for religious representation: The physicist and the playground (a reply to Levy)   
Pages 206-211
Neil Van Leeuwen
Corrigendum to "Believe it or not: Moving non-biological stimuli believed to have human origin can be represented as human movement" [Cognition 146 (2016) 431–438]   
Page 212
E. Gowen, E. Bolton, E. Poliakoff

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