Tenback DE et al. - Incidence rates of TD and EPS may be low in the SGA era. However, once emerged, these disorders prove persistent, suggesting strong moderators effects of underlying predisposing factors.

  • The incidence and subsequent persistence of TD and extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) was calculated in a cohort of patients with schizophrenia treated predominantly with SGA.
  • This cohort of more than 10,000 patients with schizophrenia was seen six times over a period of two years.
  • Dichotomous measures of EPS and TD were used to calculate the yearly incidence rates of TD and EPS as well as their subsequent cumulative persistence rate in a subset of 9104 and 6285 patients at risk for TD and EPS, respectively.
  • Of 9104 individuals who did not present with TD at baseline, 138 developed TD, yielding a TD incidence rate of 0.74% (95% CI: 0.62, 0.87) and a subsequent cumulative persistence rate of 80%.
  • Of 6285 individuals without EPS at baseline, 464 developed EPS yielding an incidence rate of 3.7% (95% CI: 3.4, 4.0) and a subsequent cumulative persistence rate of 82%.

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