Fwd: Daily Zen August Edition On the Way

http://www.dailyzen.com/zen/zen_reading1408.asp Greetings Aurel,

The winding down of one season into the next; the moons that are brighter and larger than normal at this time of year, brings a sense of the time "in between."  Or the pause as some of us like to think
of it, a chance to collect ourselves and once again ask, "What is worth putting my attention into?"

And yes, each month, the journal, for me, is worth the time, and we have a few others to share this with...in fact for those of you who wonder, there's about 22,000 of us these days.  So for those of you who share this wonder with me, here is this month's edition from many hundreds of years ago, still fresh.


With the first production of benches completed and shipped, we now are turning our attention to other benches for Fall and special pieces to add to your meditation space like a Tokonoma to hang on the
wall above your sitting space and an altar table to place your items of contemplation on.

Till then, may the days ahead bring equanimity and compassion for everyone here and now.


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Arvada, CO 80003

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